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Festivals & Events

Kyoto is full of cultural, artistic, and nature related events throughout the year. About origin and outline of famous festivals in Kyoto, Please refer to this page.

#Festivals & Events

  1. What is Tanabata?

  2. Nagoshi no Harae (Summer Purification Rites)

  3. Gion Matsuri Festival Float Procession 2024 Sales information: Parade Viewing Seats

  4. Kyoto Summer Special Openings 2024

  5. The Aoi Matsuri festival procession Sales information: Parade Viewing Seats

  6. Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special 2024

  7. Experience Traditional Culture at Kyoto Gyoen National Garden

  8. Kyoto Winter Special Openings 2024

  9. Aki no Odori in 2023: Autumn Dance performances hosted by the historic maiko and geiko districts

  10. Night sightseeing in Kyoto: Enjoy the splendid views and special events

  11. Moon Viewing Events "Kangetsu Kai" in 2023

  12. Special experience of the festival float, Takayama, that has been revived after 200 years and luncheon with geiko / maiko dances

  13. World Heritage To-ji Temple: Private viewing of special light-up with dinner

  14. World Heritage Shimogamo-jinja Shrine: Special visit and performance of classical court music and dance with lunch

  15. World Heritage Nishi-Hongwan-ji Temple: Enjoy traditional theatre, noh, and National Treasures with early dinner

  16. Join the Kanko-boko float procession

  17. Private tour of the festival float, Kanko-boko, and Gion Matsuri

  18. NAKED Summer Evening Cool World Heritage Site Kamigamo Jinja Shrine

  19. Spring Dance performances by the maiko and geiko "Haru no Odori " in 2023

  20. Looking Forward to Next Year's Gion Matsuri Festival – A Father & Son's Insider Story on the Festival Float's Musical Tradition

  21. Bringing “Gomi Zero” from Kyoto to Festivals All Around Japan

  22. KYOTOGRAPHIE 2019: A review

  23. KYOTO EXPERIMENT: In Conversation with Yusuke Hashimoto

  24. Major Festivals and Annual Events in Kyoto