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Sustainable Activities

For sustainable development

#Sustainable Activities

  1. New tours departing from Kyoto Station accompanied by The Kyoto City Visitor Host

  2. The future of Kyoto tourism discussed with international Kyoto residents– Part 2

  3. The future of Kyoto tourism discussed with international Kyoto residents– Part 1

  4. What is most important in making the maintenance and utilization of a cultural property compatible with each other?

  5. Sustainable Beauty from Kyoto – A Dialogue between NEMOHAMO and SARASA YOSHIOKA

  6. Future on the Table: Zero-Food-Waste Kyoto Cuisine

  7. The Little Story of Chopsticks: The Kakehashi Project

  8. Travel back in time in this beautifully preserved schoolhouse brought back to life as The Hotel Seiryu Kyoto Kiyomizu

  9. Natural Dye from Kyoto – Bringing a 1500-year-old ethical dyeing method to the modern age, Kyoto Kawabata Shoten

  10. Renewing Kyoto Sightseeing for the Age of Sustainability! Facilities Working Towards the SDGs and Kyoto City's Project

  11. A memorable place: Tsujimori Cycle, the century-old “face” of Higashinotoin - Rokkaku Corner

  12. NISHIJIN BEER – Kyoto Beer that Creates Opportunities for People with Disabilities

  13. The “new normal” of hotel buffets—a true delight! [All Day Dining “RAQOU” at The Westin Miyako Kyoto]

  14. Kyoto's Promise: Enhance Your Well-Being

  15. Keeping your social distance in Kyoto

  16. Insider Tips for a Respectful Visit to Kyoto

  17. Ultimate Indulgence Expeditions (Part 1: Wellness)

  18. The Essence of Sustainable Business as Taught by Japanese History and Culture: E4G Report

  19. Recreating The Beauty of Kimono in Modern Times—The Fashion Potential of Upcycling

  20. World’s First Vegan Ramen was Sustainable Before It was Cool

  21. A Small Luxury Hotel in Kyoto Where The Old and The New Come Together Luxury Hotel Sowaka (Gion, Kyoto Prefecture)

  22. [Report] Traditional Culture and Karimoku Furniture in A Spacious Kyoto-Style Machiya Townhouse

  23. The Traditional Machiya Townhouse that Kept The Culture of Kyoto Furniture Alive is Reborn with A New Purpose

  24. Bringing “Gomi Zero” from Kyoto to Festivals All Around Japan

  25. A Transparent Floor and A Bed That Floats on A Dry Landscape Garden! All The Information You Need on This Unique Kyoto-Style Machiya Townhouse