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About Us

About Us

Kyoto City Tourism Association

Kyoto City Tourism Association (DMO KYOTO) is a public organisation made up of over 1,500 member organisations/companies with the aim of attracting foreign travellers to Kyoto. 
In cooperation with the city government and related industry groups, DMO KYOTO actively promotes tourism to Kyoto through the development of strategic business alliances and initiatives and the provision of tourism information. 
DMO KYOTO also regularly attends international travel industry fairs and seminars, participates in conferences with travel agents and tourism operators, and provides a variety of resources and support services for local and international media representatives. 
DMO KYOTO’s mission is to promote travel and tourism opportunities throughout the city in a sustainable way, enrich the lives of both visitors as well as the local community by helping everyone experience the true essence of the city, and build the international image of Kyoto as one of the world’s leading cities of culture.
DMO KYOTO also works closely with the Japan Tourism Agency and the Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO), as well as its 12 own overseas representative offices, to promote Kyoto internationally.

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Our organization’s objective is to enrich the lives of people from both Japan and abroad alike through tourism, by having them experience Kyoto’s culture, history and atmosphere. We will also work toward the healthy development of the regional economy and local community, while supporting Kyoto’s tourism industry, and at the same time, contribute to the promotion of the arts and culture, and to the advancement of international exchange and goodwill.


(1)The marketing of Kyoto tourism:

Active participation in various fairs to promote tourism to Kyoto and other locations in Japan.
To enable Kyoto tourism to flourish year-round in order to contribute to the city's income.
To advertise in prominent overseas magazines.
To make video commercials for various media outlets and distribute travel brochures. In close collaboration with areas such as Hokkaido, Ishikawa, Nara and Wakayama, we aim at promotion of our tourism industry.

(2)Improving and consolidating the welcoming system:

To produce and distribute to foreign tourists travel brochures and other PR materials.
To produce restaurant and experience reservation and prepayment service in multiple languages with the aim of making foreign tourists' trips to Kyoto more convenient, pleasant, and worry-free.
To introduce projects to enable tourists to make the most of the rich cultural resources featured in Kyoto.

(3)Coordination with Japanese Government and JNTO:

The principal advertising policy of Japanese Government is "YOKOSO JAPAN (Welcome to Japan). We are always making efforts to provide updated information about tourism in general based on this policy.

(4)Our overseas representative offices:

In August 2006, we opened overseas information centers in Beijing, China; Seoul, South Korea; and Melbourne, Australia. We added them to the USA. and Taiwan in 2007.
In 2008, we moved our China overseas information office from Beijing to Shanghai. In 2009, we opened an overseas information office in Paris, Europe, and moved our Australia overseas information office from Melbourne to Sydney. In 2012, we opened an overseas information office in London, UK and Frankfurt, Germany. In 2014, we opened an overseas information office in Dubai, UAE and Hong Kong. In 2017, we opened an overseas information office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.