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Eat & Drink

Food is part of the fun of traveling. Here, you can find eateries ranging from casual cafes to Kyoto-style unique restaurants.

#Eat & Drink

  1. Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special 2023

  2. Future on the Table: Zero-Food-Waste Kyoto Cuisine

  3. Following my mother’s wisdom: Learning How to Get Along with My Body – Yakuzen Cuisine

  4. NISHIJIN BEER – Kyoto Beer that Creates Opportunities for People with Disabilities

  5. Moving to Kyoto for the second time: A Café Manager’s Perspective on the Potentials and Values of a Place

  6. Manji Café :GION COOKIES, MANJI SELECTION, a cookie tin full of “Kyoto” brought to perfection

  7. [Kisshokaryo now open in front of Fushimi-Inari Station!] Discover the unique charm of kinako with home-roasted kinako soybean powder sweets!

  8. The “new normal” of hotel buffets—a true delight! [All Day Dining “RAQOU” at The Westin Miyako Kyoto]

  9. Rokusei Owner-Chef, Hiroyuki Horiba: In Search of the Elegant Gastronomy of the Court

  10. Enjoying Kyogashi, the Traditional Sweets of Kyoto

  11. Drink in The Kyoto Night Sake (s)hopping

  12. [Saryo Housen] Japanese Sweets – as Delicate as A Jewel

  13. [Kaikado Cafe] By Historic Tea Caddy Maker Traditional Kyoto Crafts

  14. [Kyoto Beer Lab] Home Brewed Kyoto Craft Beer on The Bank of The Takasegawa River

  15. Ultimate Indulgence Expeditions (Part 2: Gastronomy)

  16. [Yamorido] A Kyoto Brewery Taking Japanese Craft Beer to Another Level

  17. [Toraya Karyo Kyoto Ichijo] Enjoy Yokan at An Established Wagashi (Japanese Sweets) Shop with A Beautiful Garden View

  18. World’s First Vegan Ramen was Sustainable Before It was Cool

  19. Fushimi: A Town Just Waiting for You to Stroll Through It with Someone

  20. Monpan Shokudo

  21. Eat in An Ethical Space Designed by Kengo Kuma, A Hands-on Style Donut Factory

  22. A Night of Luxury & Culture with Kyoto’s Geiko & Maiko

  23. Start Your Morning with a Kyoto Breakfast: Kyoto Cafés and more!

  24. Kyoto Nightlife: Local Bars and Nighttime Strolls to Enjoy!

  25. Approaching The Essence of Food with The Style of A “Breakfast Restaurant.”

  26. [Kasagiya] The Elegant Sweetness and Fluffy Texture of Ohagi (Pounded Rice Covered in Red Bean Paste)

  27. Eating Vegan & Vegetarian in Kyoto

  28. A House Living with Tea

  29. Kyoto Brewing Company

  30. Kyoto Craftmanship - Foods -

  31. Food Culture in Kyoto