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  1. Monthly and seasonal markets in autumn 2023

  2. Ecrin, a Button Shop that Has Supported Kyoto’s Dressmaking for Seventy Years

  3. Manji Café :GION COOKIES, MANJI SELECTION, a cookie tin full of “Kyoto” brought to perfection

  4. [Kisshokaryo now open in front of Fushimi-Inari Station!] Discover the unique charm of kinako with home-roasted kinako soybean powder sweets!

  5. Craft Shop, YAMAHON: Searching for Artists’ Works that are Enlivened in Everyday Life

  6. Enjoying Kyogashi, the Traditional Sweets of Kyoto

  7. At This Museum, You Can See and Experience Kyoto’s Traditional Crafts up Close

  8. Night-Time is Shopping Time Browse for Souvenirs

  9. [Saryo Housen] Japanese Sweets – as Delicate as A Jewel

  10. Four Shopping Gems in Kyoto

  11. [Toraya Karyo Kyoto Ichijo] Enjoy Yokan at An Established Wagashi (Japanese Sweets) Shop with A Beautiful Garden View

  12. Eat in An Ethical Space Designed by Kengo Kuma, A Hands-on Style Donut Factory

  13. [Kasagiya] The Elegant Sweetness and Fluffy Texture of Ohagi (Pounded Rice Covered in Red Bean Paste)

  14. Kyoto Souvenirs You Can't Leave Without!

  15. Kyoto's Historical Textile District

  16. Enjoy Different Perceptions at Community Store TO SEE in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

  17. Engels Girl

  18. Kyoto Craftmanship - Foods -

  19. Kyoto Craftmanship - Small Production Crafts -

  20. Craftmanship - Dyeing and Weaving -

  21. Kyoto Craftmanship - Various Crafts