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Town & Architecture

#Town & Architecture

  1. First in Asia! Kyoto City Wins Swiss Tourism Award for “Best Travel Destination” - What is the Key to PR that Catches the Attention of Foreign Media? [Honichi Lab Exclusive Interview]

  2. The Nijo-jo Castle English Guided Tour

  3. Hyakumanben

  4. Daiei-dori Street

  5. Mizuo

  6. Ebisugawa-dori Street

  7. Higashi Kujo

  8. Higashiyama Shikikaboku – A Stay That Feels like Living Life in Kyoto: A New Style of Hospitality in Higashiyama, Kyoto

  9. Enjoy “Metal Fittings” in Kyoto! Tips I learned from Artisans

  10. A memorable place: Tsujimori Cycle, the century-old “face” of Higashinotoin - Rokkaku Corner

  11. Looking around Demachiyanagi station

  12. Daitokuji Street

  13. Umekoji

  14. Ryoma-dori arcade street

  15. Fill The Soul with Art A Cultural Night at The Museum

  16. A Transparent Floor and A Bed That Floats on A Dry Landscape Garden! All The Information You Need on This Unique Kyoto-Style Machiya Townhouse

  17. The Charms and Unique Hospitality of A Traditional Ryokan with 200 Years of History: Hiiragiya Ryokan

  18. An Inn at The Heart of Kyoto with Superb Cuisine from A Brilliant Past: Chorakukan

  19. You’ll Want to Stay Here Once, A Traditional Kyoto Inn Alive with The Spirit of The Tea Ceremony: Sumiya Ryokan

  20. [MAGASINN KYOTO] A Media Space for Creating Cultural Reactions Between People.

  21. Demachi: A place for open coverstaion between students and the community.