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Arts & Crafts

A city with traditional crafts and innovative art

#Arts & Crafts

  1. Spring Dance performances by the maiko and geiko "Haru no Odori " in 2023

  2. Sustainable Beauty from Kyoto – A Dialogue between NEMOHAMO and SARASA YOSHIOKA

  3. Ecrin, a Button Shop that Has Supported Kyoto’s Dressmaking for Seventy Years

  4. Natural Dye from Kyoto – Bringing a 1500-year-old ethical dyeing method to the modern age, Kyoto Kawabata Shoten

  5. Kyo-wagasa Umbrellas: Their Beauty is the Result of Over a Thousand Years of Innovations

  6. Enjoy “Metal Fittings” in Kyoto! Tips I learned from Artisans

  7. Enjoy “Wood Grains” in Kyoto! Tips I learned from Artisans

  8. From Silkworm Cocoons to Nishijin-ori Fabric

  9. Panasonic Meets Crafts: Home-appliances that will resonate and enhance our everyday lives, designed in Kyoto

  10. Kyo-sensu Fan Shop Owner, Rie Ohnishi: Life & Craft, a Day at Ohnishi Tsune Shoten

  11. Craft Shop, YAMAHON: Searching for Artists’ Works that are Enlivened in Everyday Life

  12. Urushi Lacquer Refiner ,Takuya Tsutsumi : Cruising the Streets on a Lacquered Skateboard

  13. Oke Artisan, Taichi Kondo: The Encounter with the Living National Treasure at Age 29 Paved His Way to Becoming a Japanese Cooper

  14. Bamboo Artisan, Hiroaki Nakagawa: The Not-so-Obvious yet Solid Role that Bamboo Plays in Japanese Culture

  15. Yuzen Textile Dyeing Artist, Sachi Manabe: A New Potential of Yuzen Drawn in Bright Colors

  16. Robes chiseled by a Buddhist sculptor: Gakyu Miyamoto”

  17. At This Museum, You Can See and Experience Kyoto’s Traditional Crafts up Close

  18. Night-Time is Shopping Time Browse for Souvenirs

  19. Recommended model itinerariesThe shape of travel “Exploring the aesthetics of ancient people”

  20. [Kaikado Cafe] By Historic Tea Caddy Maker Traditional Kyoto Crafts

  21. Hakusasonso Hashimoto Kansetsu Garden & Museum, Kyoto

  22. Kyoto Confidential

  23. Four Shopping Gems in Kyoto

  24. Recreating The Beauty of Kimono in Modern Times—The Fashion Potential of Upcycling

  25. [Report] Traditional Culture and Karimoku Furniture in A Spacious Kyoto-Style Machiya Townhouse

  26. KYOTOGRAPHIE 2019: A review

  27. The World of Japanese Painting with Ayuko Sadaie

  28. KYOTO EXPERIMENT: In Conversation with Yusuke Hashimoto

  29. Make Art a Natural Part of Your Life with This New Kyoto “Art Hotel”

  30. Mio Heki: Kintsugi Artist and Urushi Master

  31. Kyoto Souvenirs You Can't Leave Without!

  32. A House Living with Tea

  33. Stepping into Metamorphosis: The Shoes of Masaya

  34. Chiemi Ogura: Bamboo Craftswoman

  35. Kyoto's Historical Textile District

  36. Kurahashi Yoshio: Shakuhachi Master

  37. [MAGASINN KYOTO] A Media Space for Creating Cultural Reactions Between People.

  38. Enjoy Different Perceptions at Community Store TO SEE in Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

  39. Engels Girl

  40. Kyoto Craftmanship - Small Production Crafts -

  41. Craftmanship - Dyeing and Weaving -

  42. Kyoto Craftmanship - Various Crafts