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Event Schedule

Kyoto is full of cultural, artistic, and nature related events throughout the year.
Please enjoy the various events and seasons of Kyoto.


Arashiyama Maple Festival

Nov. 13 (Sun.) (cancelled in case of rain)


Colorful and Elegant Day in Arashiyama "Saigu Procession"

Oct. 16 (Sun.)


Moon Viewing Party

Sept. 15 (Thurs.) - 17 (Sat.) 17:00- around 21:00


Jidai Matsuri Festival

Oct. 22 (Sat.) *Postponed in case of rain

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More 'Kyoto' than a Native-Born Kyotoite : Jeff Berglund

Latest News

September 14, 2016 10:00

OMIYAGE (gifts / souvenirs) recommended by LOCAL KYOTO RESIDENTS

You can buy omiyage (gifts/souvenirs) as a memory of your trip or for friends and family members back home. There are many different gifts that you can purchase in Kyoto, one of Japan’s top tourist...


August 01, 2016 10:00

Shimogyo Ward & Kyoto Station’s Summer Fest 2016

Overview The stage is set at 4 different venues for the whole Shimogyo Ward to become the location for a full day of enjoyment. Each area will have different events, with the Nishi Hongwanji area h...


July 19, 2016 10:00

The Kyoto State Guest House is now open to the public.