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Discover KYOTO

How do you enjoy in Kyoto?

Event Schedule

Kyoto is full of cultural, artistic, and nature related events throughout the year.
Please enjoy the various events and seasons of Kyoto.


Zuiki Festival

Oct. 1 (Sat.) - 5 (Wed.)


Jidai Matsuri Festival

Oct. 22 (Sat.) *Postponed in case of rain


Arashiyama Maple Festival

Nov. 13 (Sun.) (cancelled in case of rain)


Entokuin Special Exhibition of the Autumn "Japan Gold"

October 21- December 11, 2016* * Closed December 9-10

Experiences & Tours

There are many places where once can enjoy authentic Japanese cultural experiences in Kyoto. Please enjoy experiencing the traditional culture of Japan in the many traditional temples and sites which can be found only in Kyoto.


Japanese Cuisine


Taiko Drumming




Flower Arrangement

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Kyoto Hot Spring Hatoya Zuihokaku Hotel


Kyoto Plaza Hotel


Hotel Grand Bach Kyoto


Gion Hatanaka

Shrines & Temples


Yuki-jinja Shrine


Shugakuin Imperial Villa


Tenryu-ji Temple


Kiyomizu-dera Temple

Helpful Information

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Information about special exhibitions of Kyoto's temples and other sites is posted regularly on our Instagram!

Arashiyama Maple Festival Arashiyama, inclu…

The "Shishiku-no-niwa" garden, or roaring ga…

Entokuin Special Exhibition of the Autumn "J…

Kiri-bi Festival at Hinomiko Shrine Hinomik…

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Latest News

October 24, 2016 10:00

OMIYAGE (gifts / souvenirs) recommended by LOCAL KYOTO RESIDENTS

You can buy omiyage (gifts/souvenirs) as a memory of your trip or for friends and family members back home. There are many different gifts that you can purchase in Kyoto, one of Japan’s top tourist...


October 24, 2016 10:00

The Kyocera Museum of Art to Feature Special Exhibition “Court Culture in Early-Modern Kyoto: Scenes of Court Enthronement Culture”

Since the Heian capital was established in 794, the imperial court has cultivated a graceful tradition as a cultural hub. The essence of the court culture culminates in the enthronement of the Empe...


October 07, 2016 10:00

The official booking website for the Jidai Matsuri Festival is opened!

Special viewing seat tickets* (2,050 yen) are available for purchase at the following official booking website! The Jidai Matsuri Festival is one of Kyoto’s famous three great festivals, together ...