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  2. Motorbike Tours - A New Choice for Discovering Kyoto Kyoto Tour ~Healing~&~Ancient Capital~ MOTO TOURS JAPAN KYOTO

Motorbike Tours - A New Choice for Discovering Kyoto Kyoto Tour ~Healing~&~Ancient Capital~ MOTO TOURS JAPAN KYOTO

Motorbike Tours - A New Choice for Discovering Kyoto Kyoto Tour ~Healing~&~Ancient Capital~ MOTO TOURS JAPAN KYOTO

Tours Made Possible by a Century of Motorcycle Industry Expertise

Jump on your choice of motorcycle, rev the engine, and feel the Kyoto wind in your hair as you leave the city behind you.
Leo Tanimoto, motorcycle dealer since 1925, offers journeys that will make you feel like the star of your own road movie.
Based in Kyoto’s Ukyo ward, Leo Tanimoto is involved in various aspects of the motorcycle business, including new and used bikes and accessory sales, used bike purchasing, maintenance, repairs, and rentals, at 9 locations across the city.
That’s why they can offer not only the big 750cc-plus international favorites, but a large range of popular cycles from Harley Davidsons through to more accessible motor scooters.
This extensive lineup is made possible by the company’s wide network and reputation for trustworthiness in the industry and among riders both in Japan and overseas earned over 100 years in the business.
It makes for a truly exciting motorcycle touring experience in Kyoto.

Add the Joy of Motorcycle Riding to Your Visit to Kyoto

Leo Tanimoto has started a new travel venture, Moto Tours Japan Kyoto.
The company already has a proven record of providing motorcycle tours to the domestic market—some of the popular options include a “Princess Tour” that offers beginners a road safety seminar with an experienced instructor before hitting the road, and “Cleanup Touring” where riders take part in cleaning up the town of Miyama.
It also has considerable experience in leading groups from abroad on behalf of bike tour organizer Moto Tours Japan.
The philosophy behind Leo Tanimoto’s tours for overseas visitors is that the ride should not only be enjoyable and rewarding, but that it should include scenery that is representative of Kyoto and attractions you can only experience in Kyoto. Much trial and error has gone into curating tour courses to reflect this philosophy, and one of the best things about them is that they take you to destinations that can’t be reached by public transport.

The Very Best of Kyoto—Nature and History Tours

Let’s take a look at two examples of tours Leo Tanimoto offers to visitors from overseas.
First is “Kyoto Tour ~Healing~”. On this tour, you’ll start from your hotel in the city and head for Yoshiminedera Temple in Kyoto’s western mountains.
This hidden gem is known for the magnificent flowers that bloom throughout the year in its expansive grounds.
Next stop is Yunohana Onsen Resort in Kameoka City for lunch and a soothing dip in the hot springs at Sumiya Kiho-an, before riding to Springs Hiyoshi road station located in stunning natural surroundings at the foot of Hiyoshi Dam.
Finally, you’ll visit Sanzenin Temple in Ohara and then head back to your hotel.
The tour is a great way to enjoy the seasonal beauty of Kyoto’s mountains and nature and its hot springs.
The second example is “Kyoto Tour ~Ancient Capital~”. You’ll start from your hotel, stopping at Sanzenin Temple in Ohara and then the picturesque Kibune Shrine on the northern outskirts of the city, which has become especially popular in recent years.
After that you’ll make your way further north to the quaint village of Miyama, home to one of the few remaining hamlets of traditional Japanese thatched roof houses. Back in the city, you’ll stop at Genko-an, a temple founded in 1346, for some quiet contemplation before hitting the road back to the hotel.
Both tours are entirely private. You can select your choice of bike, and helmets and jackets are available for loan, so there’s no preparation to worry about.
(Please note that you will require an International Driving Permit to use a rental motorcycle in Japan.)
A motorcycle tour gives you the freedom to leave the hustle and bustle of downtown behind and encounter the quieter environs beyond from the saddle.
Get ready for your own unique journey of discovery of the charms of Kyoto.

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