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Stay Home, Feel Kyoto campaign

Stay Home, Feel Kyoto campaign

The Stay Home, Feel Kyoto campaign was launched on April 28th as an initiative to contribute to the prevention of the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 while allowing people to find comfort, gain energy, and discover the appeal of Kyoto while staying at home.
Although many cities have lifted their lock down, we will make small changes to the logo, and continue to provide contents on this page that help you enjoy 'Feel Kyoto'.

The Kyoto x Haiku Project

As a tourist destination, Kyoto has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, the Kyoto x Haiku Project was established as a volunteer movement by Haiku poet Madoka Mayuzumi and her followers and supporters to encourage the people of Kyoto and help the city overcome this situation.

The Kyoto x Haiku Project

Haiku is a form of poetry that celebrates the small lifeforms that fill nature, such as flowers, birds, and insects.
With cherry blossoms in spring, fresh green leaves in summer, bright foliage in autumn, and light rains in winter, seasonal natural beauty and traditional events in Kyoto have always attracted many composers of haiku.
Places rich in poetical associations and often appear in classic poetry are called "Utamakura." People visit these destinations to seek inspiration for composing their own thoughts in poetry and haiku.Kyoto is one such Utamakura.
This site was created so haiku lovers and Kyoto fans from all over the world can compose haiku about the seasonal scenery of Kyoto and form relationships through haiku.
In this era of pandemic, it is our hope that you will look at living through the small window of haiku and glorify it in seventeen syllables.
Wouldn’t you like to experience new encounters through haiku?
From Kyoto to the world, from the world to Kyoto – haiku can be the poetry that weaves our lives.


Zen meditation “Zazen” at Home: An Introduction – by Myoshin-ji Taizo-in Temple

Zazen is a training method used in Zen Buddhism. It involves performing mental concentration while sitting in a proper posture. If self-isolation is causing you irritability and anxiousness, why not give your mind a rest by performing zazen at home?

Messages from faces of key scenes of Kyoto to fans of Kyoto around the world

We will deliver video messages from active members in a variety of key scenes of Kyoto to fans of Kyoto around the world.

YouTube Channel
「Stay Home, Feel Kyoto by DMO KYOTO」(Closed)

Enjoy cooking Japanese food at home, taught by some of the best chefs in Kyoto

We are pleased to present videos of cooking lessons taught by some of Kyoto's leading chefs. We hope you enjoy cooking gourmet dishes in the comfort of your own home.
(English are available. Please turn on the subtitles.)

Steamed Salmon and Spring Vegetables (servings for two)

by Isshi Soden Nakamura  Motokazu Nakamura

Sweet and Sour Chicken (servings for four)

 by Jikishinbo SAIKI Mitsuru Saiki

Matcha green tea souffle pancakes (for 2 of 10 cm diameter)

by KINOBU Takuji Takahashi 

Kyoto Insights - for your next trip -

Live Streaming: Kyoto Bonfires for Our Ancestors 2020

On Sunday August 16, 2020 Kyoto Gozan-no-Okuribi, or the Kyoto Bonfires for Our Ancestors will be held. 
This ceremony has continued every year for hundreds of years. 
This year, however, with containing the spread of the coronavirus of utmost importance, the ceremony will have some changes.
The original deep roots for this ceremony, our feeling of wanting to send off the spirits of our ancestors, whom we welcomed at the family altars in our homes for Obon, back to heaven is unchanged.
We want people all over the world to understand the importance of connecting with and showing gratitude to our ancestors, so we are livestreaming in both English and Chinese.
“Kyoto-Live” will continue in the future to broadcast information as well as directly support activities to maintain the traditions and culture of Kyoto.
We hope that you enjoy our live broadcasts of traditional Kyoto events that have been carried on for centuries.

Enjoying Kyogashi, the Traditional Sweets of Kyoto

Video calling backgrounds

More and more conferences and parties are being held online these days. Therefore, we have prepared a variety of Kyoto-themed virtual backgrounds that will add a feeling of Kyoto to your calls with friends and colleagues.
How to download: Click a photograph you would like to use, and then save the image.
Please check the settings of your calling service to set the calling background.
(Content available until May 31, 2020)


Chishaku-in Temple
Old Mitsui Family Shimogamo Villa


Randen and Cherry Blossoms
Kamogawa River
Arashiyama Monkey Park
Jikkoku-bune Cruise in Fushimi


Wagashi (Japanese Sweets)
Gion Shimbashi


Nijo-jo Castle
Nijo-jo Castle
Gokonomiya-jinja Shrine