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  2. Discover Kyoto with GetYourGuide 2023

Discover Kyoto with GetYourGuide 2023

Discover Kyoto with GetYourGuide 2023

One of the world’s largest on-the-go booking platform, GetYourGuide, will be holding a destination campaign for Kyoto until December 2023 with the cooperation of the Kyoto City Tourism Association.
Among the campaigns that the company has hosted, this is the first one to be in Asia.
The campaign will be featuring programs that have been developed with the support of Kyoto City Tourism Association to provide more authentic and high-quality experiences and to avoid overcrowding the city by focusing on lesser-known places and activities.


Jun to Dec, 2023
①Take in the ancient art of noh theatre
(by Discover Noh in Kyoto
Price:20,000yen(per person)
Dates:Aug 31, Sep 8, Oct 2, Nov 7


②Practice a guided meditation with a Zen monk

(by Kyoto Meditation Center
Price:20,000yen(per person)
Dates:Aug 17, Sep 21, Oct 19, Nov 16


③Uncover the hidden world of Japanese maiko

(by Éclat Japon
Price:59,000yen(per person)
Dates:Aug 3, Sep 7, Oct 5, Nov 2


④Make traditional sweets in the heart of Ninna-ji Temple

(by Ninna-ji-Temple
Price:50,000yen(per person)
Dates:Aug 21, Sep 21, Oct 21, Nov 21

※①&② are supported by Kyoto City Tourism Association.

Discover Kyoto with GetYourGuide

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