Kyoto is full of cultural, artistic, and nature related events throughout the year. Please enjoy the various events and seasons of Kyoto.

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Eating Vegan & Vegetarian in Kyoto

Find the best of Kyoto's vegetarian and vegan restaurants and cafés, from trendy lunch spots by the river, to traditional Buddhist fare you can enjoy at historical temples!

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Getting Around in Kyoto: Kyoto Subway, Buses, and Sightseeing Passes!

Find out how to navigate Kyoto after you’ve arrived at Kyoto Station, and how to make use of the city’s various sightseeing passes! Save money with combined subway and bus passes.

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Kyoto Souvenirs You Can't Leave Without!

Take a piece of Kyoto home with you. See our list of the best authentic Kyoto souvenirs, popular with visitors and locals alike!

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Weather in Kyoto: When is the best time to visit?

Japan is known for its distinct seasonal conditions, and Kyoto’s climate can be particularly extreme. Find out the best time to visit Kyoto, and what the weather will be like in Kyoto during your visit!

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Hidden Kyoto

Whether it's your first time here or your hundredth, you'll find that Kyoto is full of little-known locales. I'm an American expat living in Kyoto. Come explore the city with me!

Kyoto Dyeing Techniques Reinterpreted for Today at Pagong

The Kamedas once produced exquisite bolts of fabric for Kyoto’s kimono makers. Today, with their unique company Pagong, they have reworked their traditional kata-yuzen dyeing techniques to fashion aloha shirts and other modern styles.

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Rakusai: A Pilgrimage to the Green of Western Kyoto

The Rakusai area lies to the west of Kyoto’s downtown area, where I visited the mountainside overlooking the city center. Yoshimine-dera Temple is hidden here in the mist, a beautiful treat to visit in any season.

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Kyoto's Historical Textile District

Kyoto’s Nishijin district is well-known for its textiles, many of which are turned into exquisite kimono. To better get to know these traditions, I visited the Orinasu-kan Museum of Hand-Weaving for a better look at these fabrics, and the master weavers at the Watabun workshop next door. I also visited Tondaya, a traditional Nishijin home in which visitors can try on the authentic kimono of the Tanaka family, kimono wholesalers and custodians of the home for thirteen generations.

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