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Getting from Kyoto Station to Arashiyama & Sagano: Take a Fun Detour Via the Subway and Randen!

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Getting from Kyoto Station to Arashiyama & Sagano: Take a Fun Detour Via the Subway and Randen!

Standard Routes to Arashiyama & Sagano

When starting at Kyoto Station, there are two basic routes you can take: (1) Take the JR Sagano Line (San-in Line) to Saga-Arashiyama Station, or (2) Take the Kyoto City Bus or Kyoto Bus to Arashiyama.

Transit information for Arashiyama and Sagano

As the Arashiyama-Sagano area is packed with numerous sightseeing spots such as the Bamboo Grove Road and Togetsukyo Bridge, as well as souvenir shops, the route there tends to be crowded, which can be a problem. To avoid all this hassle, we propose this different route for getting to Arashiyama. If everyone tries to take the same route there, it will invariably be crowded, but if people are spread out among different routes, it can help reduce congestion in Kyoto. Here is a different route there that also includes some fun stops along the way.

Alternate Route to Arashiyama & Sagano

On this route, you will take the subway from Kyoto Station to Uzumasa Tenjingawa Station, then transfer to Randen and head for Arashiyama Station.

There are also convenient and economical tickets that give you unlimited rides on the subway and Randen for one day!

Kyoto Subway & Randen 1-Day Ticket 
Price: 1,300 yen (only adult tickets available)  

Available at: Subway station ticket counters, City Bus & subway information areas, Randen stations, etc.

Take the subway from Kyoto Station [Kyoto Station → Uzumasa Tenjingawa Station]

Subway Kyoto Station
There are four ticket gates for getting into Subway Kyoto Station underneath the Kyoto Station building, so enter through the ticket gate nearest to you.

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Take the Subway Karasuma Line bound for Kokusaikaikan and get off at the third stop, Karasuma Oike Station, where you will transfer to a different line.
Subway Karasuma Line Oike Station
Once you arrive at Subway Karasuma Oike Station, get off the train. You will be on the platform for the Karasuma Line. From there, head to the platform for the Tozai Line one floor below. When getting on trains coming from Kyoto Station, riding in the front of the train in the direction of travel will make this transfer easier.
Tozai Line Platform Information
Pay close attention to the signs on the ceiling and at your feet, as these will point you in the right direction and keep you from getting lost.
Subway Tozai Line Karasuma Oike Station
You’ve made it to Tozai Line Karasuma Oike Station. From here, take the train bound for Uzumasa Tenjingawa and get off at the fourth stop, Uzumasa Tenjingawa Station. Uzumasa Tenjingawa Station is the last stop on the Tozai Line, so there’s no need to worry about missing your stop.
It takes about 20 minutes, and the fare for adults is 260 yen.

Transfer to Randen and head for Arashiyama [Randen-Arashiyama Station → Arashiyama Station]

Escalator in front of the ticket gates of Subway Uzumasa Tenjingawa Station
Randen-Tenjingawa Station sign
Get off at Uzumasa Tenjingawa Station, then check the sign after you get out of the ticket gates. Use Exit 3 right in front of you and take it to street level, where you will transfer to Randen (Keifuku Railway). Once you reach street level, you’ll see a bus turnaround on your left and Randen-Tenjingawa Station on your right. 
Sign after exiting the station at street level
Sign after exiting the Randen-Tenjingawa station
Randen-Tenjingawa Station is located in the middle of the road (Sanjo-dori). Be sure to always obey traffic signals and only cross the street at crosswalks, even if a train is about to arrive. Take the train departing from the furthest platform as you approach it, bound for Arashiyama. 
Randen-Arashiyama Station
After a roughly 15-minute ride, you’ll arrive at Arashiyama. Enjoy your time sightseeing in Arashiyama!
It takes about 15 minutes, and the fare for adults is 250 yen. 

Arashiyama Sightseeing Side Trip Information

 Here are some other sightseeing spots you can enjoy by stopping at various points along the Randen on the way to Arashiyama.

1. Konoshima Nimasu Amateru Mitama Shrine

Also known as: Kaiko no Yashiro

Getting there: 10-min. walk from Kaikonoyashiro Station or Randen-Tenjingawa Station

This shrine is famous for its Kyoto Sanchin Torii Gate, a unique torii gate with three pillars that form the shape of an equilateral triangle.

2. Koryu-ji Temple

Getting there: A short walk from Uzumasa-Koryuji Station

Said to be the oldest temple in Kyoto, Koryu-ji is also home to the first Maitreya Bodhisattva sculpture, a national treasure.

More information on Koryu-ji Temple can be found here:

3. Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Getting there: 10-min. walk from Uzumasa-Koryuji Station

This theme park is a place where visitors can experience the world of historical dramas through open sets and events that are actually used for filming. These days, it also has popular interactive attractions such as the “Evangelion Kyoto Base”.

More information on Toei Kyoto Studio Park can be found here:

4. Daiei-dori Street

Getting there: A short walk from Uzumasa-Koryuji Station or Katabiranotsuji Station

This shopping street developed together with the Daiei film studios. There is a community space where visitors can get scripts and movie magazines, a statue of Daimajin, the main character of a film series bearing his name, and Miyoshi Inari Shrine, which houses a monument to Shozo Makino, said to be the “father of Japanese film”.
More information on Daiei-dori street can be found here: 

5. Kurumazaki Shrine

Getting there: A short walk from Kurumazaki-Jinja Station

This shrine is popular for those seeking good fortune with money, luck with marriage, and protection from bad luck. The shrine for the performing arts is particularly popular, with numerous vermillion-lacquered posts of the Tamagaki - the fence surrounding the shrine - adorned with the names of famous performers and theater companies. Many visitors like to look for their favorite performers’ names on the fence.

How did you enjoy this alternate route to Arashiyama and Sagano? There are lots of spots worth seeing along the Randen Line, so please pay them a visit along the way. Take your time and get the most out of sightseeing in Kyoto!

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