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Support for Muslims

Support for Muslims


Message from Kyoto Muslim Association (KMA)

Assalaam alaikum (Peace be upon you).
Welcome to Kyoto, the Capital of Peace (Heian-kyo).
The Kyoto Muslim Association (KMA) welcomes you from the bottom of our hearts, and wishes you a pleasant stay in this wonderful city with its rich historical and cultural resources.
KMA was established in 1987, and since then we have been actively engaged in promoting the understanding of Islam as a universal religion and world civilization, and in developing friendship between Muslim countries and Japan. We operate the Kyoto Mosque and Islamic Cultural Center, and perform the Juma and Eid prayers in addition to the 5-daily prayers. You are most welcome to visit our Mosque.
KMA has been keen to provide halal food for its members, and to inform Japanese citizens about Islamic teachings and dietary rules based on Sharia. Every year during Ramadan we hold an important event called the Islamic World Festival and Iftar Party, when we invite Kyoto citizens to enjoy the various cuisines of Muslim countries. Around one thousand people, Muslims and non-Muslims, participate in this annual event, and it is regarded as the largest international friendship gathering of its kind in Japan.
In 2012 we established Kyoto Council for Sharia and Halal Affairs. Its main aims are to increase the availability of halal food, decrease haram elements in the food supply, and facilitate Muslim life based on the Sharia, so that Muslims can have a safer and better life in Japan.
While Japan is a wonderful country which offers cleanliness, punctuality, hospitality and other virtues, eating customs have always been a major barrier for Muslim residents and visitors. We welcome the initiative by the City of Kyoto to promote facilities for Muslim visitors. With our aim of increasing halal food and reducing haram elements in restaurant and hotel menus, we wish to help Muslim visitors to have an enjoyable stay in Kyoto. Wassalaam alaikum (And Peace be upon you).

Qibla in Kyoto

Qibla (Direction of the Sacred Kaaba in Makkah) in Kyoto: 69 degrees from true north (geodetic north) anticlockwise. It is WNW.
If you use the Qibla compass below, you should set the north to No. 8, then you will get the correct direction of Qibla (Please make sure that there are no electric instruments which may give magnetic influence near the compass).
This compass is made in Japan with superb craftsmanship, and has been circulated in Muslim countries for four decades. We provide this compass to hotels cited in Muslim Friendly Kyoto. Please ask the concierge if you want to borrow one.