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The key to sightseeing in Japan is to make good use of public transportation such as airplanes, Shinkansen bullet trains, trains and buses. Here we have compiled a list of comfortable access methods that avoid congestion, divided into "Getting to Kyoto" and "Getting around Kyoto".

For a more comfortable Kyoto trip

  1. 1

    Use both trains & buses to get around!

  2. 2

    Take advantage of the Subway & Bus 1-Day Pass!

  3. 3

    Leave your large luggage with us & enjoy hands-free sightseeing!

*The expression “○○min” indicates the time it takes from Kyoto Station.









Recommendations for hands-free sightseeing
Recommendations for hands-free sightseeing
Sightseeing with large luggage can be difficult.
Moreover, it may cause trouble to the people around you. There are many places at Kyoto Station where you can leave your baggage.

Utilize a luggage delivery service for comfortable hands-free sightseeing!
Use the sub-gates!
Use the sub-gates!
There are several JR stations convenient for sightseeing in Kyoto City: Nijo, Enmachi, Tofukuji, and Yamashina.
Do not get off at Kyoto Station, where many tourists are concentrated, but take the train to the JR station closest to your destination and go to your destination from there.
•To go to Kinkaku-ji Temple (the Golden Pavilion) or Kitano-tenmangu Shrine, transfer to a city bus from Enmachi Station on the Sagano Line
•To go to Nijo-jo Castle, transfer to the Tozai Subway Line from Nijo Station
•Transfer to Keihan from Tofukuji Station on the Nara Line for Kiyomizu and Gion
•Transfer to the Tozai Subway Line from Yamashina Station for Higashiyama direction
New limited express buses & increased frequency of city buses useful for sightseeing (from June 1, 2024)
New limited express buses & increased frequency of city buses useful for sightseeing (from June 1, 2024)
Kyoto City is implementing a new schedule on its buses in order to lessen the crowds on public transportation and help tourists and locals get to and from their destinations smoothly, starting from June 1, 2024.

Buses used currently, such as loop buses as well as main line buses will increase in number and run more frequently.

New buses of the "Rakuraku Line" such as the EX100 and the EX101 that will stop at major tourist destinations will be introduced.

The Kyoto City Limited Express Bus Rakuraku can be entered from the door in the front and exited from the door in the middle of the bus.

The fare and accepted tickets can differ depending on the bus type.

Great value plan tickets

Several one-day passes are issued in the Kyoto area. For sightseeing in the city, the "one-day subway/bus ticket" is very convenient, allowing you to ride on all subway and city bus lines, as well as Kyoto Bus, Keihan Bus, and West Japan JR Bus! (Excluding some routes).
Additionally, you can receive preferential treatment such as discounts at city facilities.
There are also a variety of other tickets issued by different train and bus companies, so please check with them according to your destination and travel period.

Kyoto Station map and bus stop information

The premises of Kyoto Station and bus stops are very complicated. Make sure you know the location of your destination when you meet up or board the bus.

Bus and Train Veteran (Route Plannner)

For sightseeing in Kyoto, use the "Arukumachi Kyoto Route Planner Bus and Train Veteran", a transfer search website and app that takes into account Kyoto's roads and congestion.
General map searches and transfer search sites/apps tend to show the shortest distance, but it can take more than twice as long due to traffic jams and congestion!

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