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Covid-19 Information

Covid-19 Information

As of May 8th, the legal status of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed. However, the virus is not expected to disappear or instantly change how it affects our health. Thus, as a city of cultural tourism visited by people from all over Japan and the world, Kyoto will continue to provide wonder, discovery, and hospitality while ensuring the peace of mind and safety of its residents, tourists, and those who work in its tourism industry.

The decision to take basic countermeasures against COVID is now basically up to each individual. Nevertheless, attention to the hygiene of your hands and wearing masks in certain situations are regarded as effective in preventing the spread of the virus. Therefore, wWe ask for your understanding in taking measures to avoid infecting others.
  • Basic COVID-19 countermeasures, including: washing your hands frequently, usinge hand sanitizers, and wearing a mask when necessary, are still effective.
  • Avoiding crowded places and hours when possible is still relevant as a counter-disease measure. Also, wearing a mask is effective when you cannot avoid boarding crowded buses and trains.
  • Based on the decisions of individual businesses or organizations, you may be asked to  practice hygiene by wearing a mask and washing or sanitizing your hands.
Tips for a Safe Trip(JNTO)

If you wish to receive medical consultation during your stay in Kyoto City

  •  If you wish to receive medical consultation during your stay in Kyoto City, If you wish to receive medical consultation due to symptoms associated with COVID-19, please consult to a nearby medical institution or a medical institution accepting outpatients at your own decision.
Kyoto Novel Coronavirus Medical Consultation Center
(open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; this consultation center is for Kyoto Prefecture as well as Kyoto City)

Languages: Consultation in English, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese is available from 10 AM to 8 PM, Thai from 9 AM to 6 PM.

List of medical institutions accepting outpatients

※When visiting a medical institution, please make sure to wear a mask.
※If you are having trouble during holidays or night, please call the Kyoto Novel Coronavirus Medical Consultation Center.

For those who have symptoms such as fever and wish to seek medical consultation and get tested(
Kyoto Prefecture

Enjoy Kyoto with peace of mind (advice for tourism)

  • In order to enjoy your trip with peace of mind, please avoid going to places at times when they are crowded as much as possible. There are many points of interest in Kyoto that are relatively less famous but still worth visiting, or that can be enjoyed in early morning or night when there are less people.

Airing of live camera feed to check congestion levels around tourist destinations

The Kyoto City Tourism Association shares live camera feed of popular tourist areas with predictions of how pleasant each place would be to visit at each time of the day.

Kyoto City Tourism Association YouTube channel

Kyoto Travel Congestion Forecast

We provide useful information for avoiding congestion, by forecasting comfort levels around popular spots, real-time information from live cameras, and attractive sightseeing spots that are relatively empty even during the daytime. 

kyoto travel congestion forecast(English)
kyoto travel congestion forecast(繁體中文)
kyoto travel congestion forecast(简体中文)

Sightseeing in the morning and night

The morning is best for discovering Kyoto’s everyday. Crisp morning air, stone-paved streets catching the morning sun, serene gardens—mornings in Kyoto are full of fresh wonders that are different from those you can find in the noon or evening. You can go from location to location easily in the early morning, and visit the popular tourist spots when they are less crowded. Enjoy the city’s candid beauty by exploring it in the morning.

The night is best if you wish to become immersed in the calm atmosphere of this ancient city. In the moonlight, the town takes on an appearance that is different from that in noon, and there is a distinctive charm of this old city in the night breeze and dim light.

Kyoto shrines and temples open to morning prayers and visits

Other sources of information related to COVID-19 and disease control measures

COVID-19: Practical Information for Traveling to Japan(JNTO

COVID-19 (
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

Visit Japan Web
 (web service for smooth arrival procedure at airport)