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Enjoy Respect Kyoto

Enjoy Respect Kyoto

~Improving Public Awareness of Manners in Kyoto~

Enjoy Respect KYOTO Campaign for Sustainable Tourism in Kyoto

Kyoto is rated highly as a tourist destination. This is because of the many temples and shrines, nature and landscapes, traditional techniques passed from generation to generation, and the everyday culture that continues even today. However, if we do not value the everyday lives of the city’s citizens, tourism will not remain a sustainable industry in Kyoto.

The phrase “Enjoy Respect KYOTO” is filled with the hope that all visitors to Kyoto will respect Kyoto’s fascinating culture, landscape, history and its citizen’s identity, and will act responsibly while enjoying their time in Kyoto.

Message from Mayor of Kyoto City

Kyoto Mayor, Kadokawa Daisaku, has prepared a message for visitors to the city.
Have a look before your visit.

・Guidelines created in accordance with Kyoto City’s new policy calling for sustainable tourism that will unite efforts of visitors, businesses and residents to maintain harmony in Kyoto and preserve Kyoto for future generation:
Code of Conduct for Sustainable Tourism in Kyoto

Learn these tips about Kyoto etiquette before coming and travel easy!

We have put together some tips about manners in Kyoto.


These are rules and tips that we hope visitors to Kyoto will keep in mind during their visits.Please show your consideration to local communities and take responsible actions to help keep Kyoto's environmental and cultural heritages remaining sustainable for the future.

Kyoto Manners “Akimahen”

Akimahen means “Do not” in Kyoto Dialect. You will find an easy to understand infographic about the “Don’ts” in Kyoto including littering, monopolizing walkways and taking pictures of Maiko without permission.

”Enjoy Respect Kyoto Stickers“

In order to further public awareness regarding manners amongst foreign visitors to Kyoto who may have different customs and cultural backgrounds, “Enjoy Respect Kyoto” stickers have been created for distribution. If you spot one of these stickers during your travels in Kyoto, please act in accordance with the rules.

Kyoto’s Local Rules

We introduce you to the rules in each area of Kyoto.

Hands Free Travel

In Kyoto, we are recommending “Hands Free Travel.” It can be quite burdensome to move around the city with luggage and backpacks in tow. So, we also recommend using the lockers found at Kyoto Station. Alternatively, we also offer a service that delivers your luggage from Kyoto Station to your accommodation and from your accommodation to Kyoto Station or even Kansai Airport. You will enjoy Kyoto that much more if you explore “Hands Free.” Try it out!

Rules & Regulations

It is also helpful to know about city ordinances that tourists are subject to.

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