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The key to sightseeing in Japan is to make good use of public transportation such as airplanes, Shinkansen bullet trains, trains and buses. Here we have compiled a list of comfortable access methods that avoid congestion, divided into "Getting to Kyoto" and "Getting around Kyoto".

How to get to Kyoto

Kyoto is located almost in the center of Japan and is conveniently accessible from the capital, Tokyo, as well as from other parts of Japan.
You can reach Kyoto in just a few hours by plane or the Shinkansen bullet train.
For information on how to get to Kyoto from other parts of Japan, tap the button for each city.

*Please be aware that the Nozomi Shinkansen cannot be used with the Japan Rail Pass.

  • NRT

    Narita International Airport

  • HND

    Haneda International Airport

  • NGO

    Chubu International Airport

  • KIX

    Kansai International Airport

  • ITM

    Osaka International Airport

  • FUK

    Fukuoka Airport

Basic knowledge and manners of public transportation in Japan
Basic knowledge and manners of public transportation in Japan
We have compiled a list of things you should know in advance when using public transportation in Japan, including "Types of railways in Japan" and "How to use and charge your transportation system IC card".
Japan's public transportation system is very convenient for getting around, with strict adherence to timetables and a high level of safety. Check the schedule and route in advance, and be sure to observe the manners and rules of public transportation.
Great value plan tickets
Great value plan tickets
Recommended ticket deals vary depending on the number of days and areas to be visited and the means of public transportation.
The most common way to travel around Japan is with the "JAPAN RAIL PASS". In addition, the "Kansai Area Pass" and the "Kansai Rail Pass" are convenient for touring around the Kansai region.
Park and Ride
Park and Ride
Avoid visiting by car, as the area around tourist attractions in Kyoto City is crowded, especially during the holiday season.
If you have no choice but to use a rental car, we recommend "park-and-ride".

Kyoto has many park-and-ride parking where you can park your car and transfer to public transportation.
This reduces the stress of congestion and waiting for parking, and allows visitors to enjoy sightseeing more.
Some park-and-ride parking lots may offer reduced parking rates or special offers for using public transportation.
Take advantage of park-and-ride for a stress-free, environmentally friendly sightseeing experience.
Luggage delivery between cities
Luggage delivery between cities
If you are traveling between cities with large suitcases, use a luggage delivery service.
Shipping requests can be made from airports, major hotels (in some cases), and luggage storage services at train stations.
In Kyoto, the following locations are available for shipping to other cities.

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