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"Smoking on the Street"

"Smoking on the Street"

Smoking on streets and sidewalks is very dangerous. Kyoto City ordinances have banned smoking outside of designated areas on all streets of the city. Furthermore, persons who smoke in designated non-smoking areas will be fined 1,000 JPY. Please smoke only in designated smoking areas.

*The following areas of Kyoto City have been designated nonsmoking:
Center area of the city, Kyoto Station and surroundings, Kiyomizu and Gion areas

1) Why did Kyoto City come up with this ordinance?
This ordinance aims to prevent damage such as burns sustained from contact with cigarettes smoked on the street as well as to take precautions against adverse effects on health in order to create a safe, secure and healthy city.
2) Is smoking while walking banned?
“Smoking on the street” includes smoking while walking, smoking while standing on the street, and smoking while riding a bicycle or motorcycle.
3) Why is smoking on the street banned?
Even if a person smokes in a careful way, sometimes cigarettes come into contact with the skin or clothes of other people. Furthermore, it is very dangerous for children since the lit cigarette is usually held at the level of a child’s face.
4) Is smoking allowed in places with ashtrays?
Smoking in areas that road or land administrators have provided with ashtrays is not considered “smoking on the street.” However, please be considerate of other people around you even when smoking in these areas.
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