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Discover KYOTO

How do you enjoy in Kyoto?

Event Schedule

Kyoto is full of cultural, artistic, and nature related events throughout the year.
Please enjoy the various events and seasons of Kyoto.


Cherry Blossom Festival at Toei Uzumasa Movie Land

Late Mar. - early April (TBA)


The 65th Kitano Odori

Mar. 25 (Sat.) - April 7 (Fri.) (TBA)



Mar. 3 (Fri.) From 10:00


Kamo Kyokusui no En at Kamigamo Shrine

April 9 (Sun.)

Experiences & Tours

There are many places where once can enjoy authentic Japanese cultural experiences in Kyoto. Please enjoy experiencing the traditional culture of Japan in the many traditional temples and sites which can be found only in Kyoto.


Dressing up as a Samurai or Maiko


Taiko Drumming


Zen Meditation


Tea Ceremony

Our Partners



Kyoto Yadoya Nishijinso


Gion Hatanaka


Daiwa Roynet Hotel Kyoto-Shijokarasuma


Sumiya Ryokan

Shrines & Temples


Eikan-do Temple (Zenrin-ji Temple)


Ginkaku-ji Temple(The Silver Pavilion)


Kinkaku-ji Temple (The Golden Pavilion)


Shoren-in Temple

Helpful Information

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Komyo-ji Temple Address: 584 Uraderamachido…

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Latest News

March 09, 2017 18:00

Purchase original Kyoto traditional craft goods on eBay!

Kyoto is a city renowned for its vast number of traditional crafts and industries that still survive to this day. Beautiful kimono, accessories, tea cups, stationary and more are still made using t...


March 03, 2017 12:00

The new digital version of the “KYOTO MAP (for Tourist)” will make sightseeing in Kyoto even more fun!

The digital version of the “KYOTO MAP (for Tourist)” is filled with tourist spots all over Kyoto and can be viewed on smartphones, tablets and other devices. For people who are unfamiliar with Kyot...


February 08, 2017 17:00

Kyoto City Bus & Subway launch the new webpage for smartphone users!!

In order for visitors to travel smoothly and conveniently, Kyoto City has launched the Kyoto City Bus & Subway Guide. The website provides lots useful information, such as how to get on buses & s...