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【NEW】Announcing the Opening of the New Kyoto Official Travel Guide Website!

Top Page for Visitors Before Visiting Japan


【NEW】Announcing the Opening of the New Kyoto Official Travel Guide Website!

The Kyoto Official Travel Guide has just been re-opened after renovations.
With the renewal of the website, we will offer a greater ability to share information with our visitors, and hope that the website will be even more helpful and user-friendly. We hope this website will provide an even better experience for visitors to Kyoto.

  • Renewal Date: March 27th, 2020.
  • Website Address:
  • Languages: 6 languages (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish)
*We will provide information in 6 languages, and we will also continue to provide some information in a total of 13 languages (the above 6 languages, plus German, Italian, Thai, Turkish, Arabic, Malay, and Russian).

Key Points of This Renewal

(1) New Articles in Various Categories

One of the charms of Kyoto is its fusion of tradition and innovation. Modern Kyoto has created all-new meaning, culture, and artforms based on its ancient history, traditions, nature, and scenery.   
At the beginning of this project, we conducted  interviews with foreign visitors regarding their interest in culture and the arts and analyzed the results. We also received advice from foreign journalists living in Kyoto.
With this release, we will offer new content categories, such as "Street Guide," in which local citizens introduce the charms of Kyoto; "People in Kyoto City," which introduces the artisans who make Kyoto crafts, and much more.

(2) Media Partners

We will start to collaborate with media partners publishing articles about Kyoto City tourism that have an understanding of the culture, historical background, and life, etc. in Kyoto.
With this coraboration, we could offer more various information.

These are pioneering new projects for our official site, and collaborations that we, as one of Japan’s foremost DMOs (Destination Management Organizations), hope will support local businesses, and strengthen our ability to aid their work via management of tourism in the area. 

(3) Customized Top Page for Visitors in Different Stages of Travel

We have customized the top page of the site to show different content, according to our visitors’ travel status: whether they are in the planning or travelling stage.
  • Before Visiting Japan: Articles and other content that will help tourists select their destinations will appear at a higher priority.
  • While Visiting Japan: Practical information about topics like transportation or sightseeing locations will appear at a higher priority.
Top Page for Visitors While Visiting Japan

Content Included With This Renewal

New Content

Enhanced Content