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  2. I miss Kyoto Campaign



This campaign was launched in March as an initiative to help limit the spread of the coronavirus while allowing people to find comfort, gain energy, and discover the appeal of Kyoto from home.

Although many countries around the world have relaxed their lockdown restrictions, we will continue to finetune this campaign and offer new content on this page so that you can continue to “feel Kyoto” and connect with the city even though it may be difficult to visit in person. 

All our lives contracted dramatically in 2020, with most of us constrained by the four walls of our own homes.  Overnight, we lost our ability to travel and to engage first-hand with people from completely different worlds to our own.  However, through modern technology we have the ability to step into other worlds – virtually.

Through your laptop or smart phone, you can now explore some of the many fascinating sides of Kyoto through an online tour – whether it’s the splendor of Kyoto’s ancient temples or the hidden worlds of Kyoto’s geiko community and the humble artisan pursuing centuries of tradition in a backstreet machiya.  

In collaboration with local partners, we are offering a variety of online tours (live-streamed and hosted in English).  Here’s some of our favorite online experiences to start with, offered through Luxury Tours Japan and Japan Wonder Travel:

Kyoto Highlights: its Best Sights and Culture

– Offered by Japan Wonder Travel

This online experience will connect you with an English-speaking guide who will introduce some of Kyoto’s leading sights, providing precious insights into Kyoto culture, food and local traditions. The experience will be supplemented by pre-recorded videos as well as quizzes. The online tour is approximately 60-75 minutes in length and will be delivered via Zoom. We hope it will expand your wishlist of must-see Kyoto experiences and we look forward to welcoming you to Kyoto, hopefully soon!

1. Kinkakuji (5 min) Introduce Golden Pavilion, one of the most photogenic sites in Kyoto. Give you the tips of enjoying temple hopping in Kyoto
2. Arashiyama (10 min) Recommendation to enjoy Bamboo Grove and Togetsu Bridge. Also, introduce some other beautiful spots around which is unknown among foreign people
3. Fushimi Inari Shrine (5 min) Local stories about this most popular tourist destination in Japan. Advice to visit.
4. Kiyomizu Temple (10 min) Enjoy and explore iconic Kiyomizu Temple, the ancient theme park
5. Gion District (5min) Tips to meet or find Maiko. Learn their tradition and culture



Online Japanese Cultural Experiences

by Kimono Tea Ceremony MAIKOYA

MAIKOYA takes pride in offering authentic cultural activities, such as tea ceremony, geisha experience, guided walking tours, and cooking classes led by the experts and its professional staff. MAIKOYA has the experience of hosting online and offline events for individuals from all around the world as well as well-known multinational organizations.

Itinerary or Program: Online Tea ceremony, Online Geisha Experience, Online Fushimi Inari Walking Tour, Online Wagashi Making Experience, etc..
Date & Time: 7 AM to 11 PM JST (8~10 AM , 6~11 PM EST) everyday
Duration: 60 minutes (Can be adjusted based on your needs)
Max capacity: 500 people

Included: An online English-speaking tour guide, online demonstration of activities, Online Q&A session, Email support about the ingredients and potential follow up questions.

Online Experiences

– Offered by An Design

 An Design offers introspective online experiences that showcase sites that are far away from the usual tourist attractions here in Kyoto. Virtually immersed in spaces of unimaginable beauty we will experience the true nature of Kyoto. 

1.Zen Garden, Zen Mind

 Description:Experience the restorative power of nature and art while you virtually travel to Japan and immerse yourself in the Zen garden at Konchi-in. Led by a professionally trained landscape architect who has worked in the Kyoto garden industry, you will occupy one of Kyoto's magical and sacred spaces created hundreds of years ago by Zen monks, artists, and nobles. Through the sharing of photos, diagrams, artistically crafted videos and live commentary you will feel as if you are physically moving through this space. As you hear deep insights about the spaces that surround us you will be able to appreciate the garden for much more than just the physical beauty.Our time together will feel less like an online tour and more like a meaningful moment considering Japanese design, philosophy and history while virtually exploring a Zen garden of unparalleled beauty. As this is very much an interactive experience, throughout our time together you will be encouraged to share your thoughts or ask questions.

Included:Professional guide services from a landscape architect with experience in the Kyoto garden industry.
Date/Time:Upon request of client
Capacity:100 guests

2.A Walk Among 1,200 Sacred Statues

Get insider access to a mountain temple that is far off the radar of most visitors to Kyoto. Through the hosts close relationship with the head monk, you will hear the fascinating story of this temple that has never been told in such depth in English before. Just a bit north of the well-known Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, situated in the foothills of the mountains, is a quiet temple called Otagi Nenbutsu-ji. Originating in the middle 700’s, this temple had fallen on hard times after WWII. In an effort to restore it, an ambitious art project was initiated that brought regular people from all over Japan together to carve their own rakan, or followers of the Buddha, out of stone.In this online experience you will follow the artistic transformation of Otagi Nenbutsu-ji and intimately experience the power it emanates. Through the sharing of photos, diagrams, artistically crafted videos and live commentary you will feel as if you are physically moving through this space. As this experience comes to an end you will receive an offer from the head monk for when you visit Kyoto in the future. While traveling through space and time, this truly unique and uplifting story will undoubtedly fill your heart with joy and inspiration.

Included:Professional guide services and a special offer from the head monk of the temple.

3.Sakamoto and the Monks of Hieizan

We virtually travel to the east of Kyoto, in neighboring Shiga prefecture, to a town called Sakamoto. This is where monks would come down from Mt. Hiei to rest and recharge in-between long bouts of very intense training. Sakamoto has very much retained the historic and agricultural landscape reminiscent of years past. We begin our virtual time together walking from the base of the mountain through countryside. As we make our way into the town we stop at a villa created in the Edo period for the tired monks and tour the wonderful garden. We then weave through the neighborhood streets visiting inconspicuous sites whose history goes back over 1,000 years. We end our time together in one of the most important shrines in all of Japan, climbing a mountain and making our way up to a major power spot overlooking the largest lake in Japan. When our time comes to an end you will undoubtedly feel enriched and refreshed, much like the monks of Mt. Hiei of centuries past.

Kyoto Online Tours

– Offered by Luxury Tours Japan


How many fantastic sights in Kyoto, Japan are waiting to be discovered.   Thankfully, staying home doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on Kyoto’s finest landscapes and cultural highlights entirely.  We offer creative ways  explore some of the best experiences online, to pass the time until you can visit Kyoto in person.  There’s something different about experiencing a destination in an interactive way that goes beyond television or YouTube videos.  Here we have an amazing Kyoto culture you can get to know with virtual tours and events.

Original virtual tours and cultural experiences are available for virtual conferences, group birthday or anniversary celebrations, business incentives and more.

At the request of the booking party, Luxury Tours Japan can also arrange to mail related gifts, like sake samples or artisanal crafts, to the participants. Pricing varies based on each experience and number of participants; please inquire with Luxury Tours Japan for booking. 

The following tours are available for individuals to book.
Maiko and geiko are icon of Kyoto.  We will video stream and guide you to see geisha districts. 
Afterwards, you will have an interactive online session which is meeting and talking to a maiko on live from the geisha house built around 1750.  You’ll hear from the maiko about her daily life and job. Following the talking session,  we will have a geisha dance video streaming.

Dration: 90 minutes
Date & Time: TBA
Live streaming : meeting, talking and Q&A with a maiko online.
Pre-recorded video streaming: geisha district guided tour and maiko dancing.

Private customized online event is available upon your request such as;
Swordsmith visit, Kimono artisan visit, Buddhist statue sculptor visit, Zen meditation,Sake brewery, UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity architect tour etc

Guests comments

 Great to see a different online experience to just seeing photos of places and people. Your differentiation makes you stand apart. Thank you.    

Great Experience. Thank you for arranging this virtual experience and I hope we can join few more online events to understand the Kyoto unique experiences.

What you showed is absolutely fantastic and your culture and traditions are just like a fairytale. It is so different from ours in Europe and having the chance to learn it from home is an amazing opportunity. Thanks for this opportunity - it's been an amazing start to the week.