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Taiko Drumming

The taiko, sometimes called wadaiko, is a traditional type of drum native to Japan. In feudal Japan the moving thump of the drum was used to bolster warriors' morale, set a marching pace and relay orders, but taiko drums have also been used in traditional arts like Noh and gagaku, as well as in festivals. Why not try taiko drumming out for yourself and feel connected to a piece of cultural history that is still a vital part of modern Japanese life? You're sure to get excited when the powerful beat you produce reverberates thoughout the room and your body!


Taiko drum beating

Taiko means big/fat drum, taiko are struck with some sort of stick called bachi (wooden sitcks). At WAK JAPAN, you have an opportunity to experience Taiko sound and feel the excitement of the drum beating the sound penetrates your body.

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Japanese Taiko Drumming Class

If you want to learn how to play Japanese taiko drums, please come to Taiko Center! No experience or Japanese language needed! We offer an opportunity for you to experience the local tradition and culture in first hand.

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