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Food Culture

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This is a kind of cuisine eaten mainly by Buddhist followers. It is known as "Shojin-ryori" in Japan, and prohibits inclusion of meat, fish, onion, leek garlic and other root vegetables, as harvesting them will result in the death of the vegetables. Instead beans and fruits are used. This strict diet is often practiced only on special occasions. Shojin-ryori was originally brought to Japan by monks who studied in China. As time has passed, it has been adapted to the ingredients and customs of Kyoto. Since it's both healthy and delicious, shojin-ryori's fans are on the rise. If you decide to go a temple to sample shojin-ryori, advance reservations are recommended.


Japanese Sake

Daha Fazla Oku

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Other Japanese Food

Daha Fazla Oku



Daha Fazla Oku