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Food Culture



This section introduces the materials most often used in Japanese Kyoto cuisine such as “shichimi” used for flavoring noodle dishes, “O-fu”, “Yuba” and so on. O-fu, a versatile ingredient made from wheat gluten, is used for hot pot dishes such as Sukiyaki (Beef hot pot). There are two varieties of O-fu. “Nama-fu” is a raw version and “Yaki-fu” is a baked version. You can enjoy a spongy taste with Nama-fu and a crispy taste with Yaki-fu. Yuba is a famous product in Kyoto and known as an expensive and healthy ingredient. Yuba is the skin that forms from boiling soymilk in a shallow pan and can be enjoyed in various ways. For example, it can be eaten raw or as an ingredient in hot pots or Kaiseki cuisine.