Guide de voyage à Kyoto


Seasonal courses

Kyoto is so full of temples, shrines, gardens, and castles that it can be difficult to know where to begin exploring. We recommend you choose an area that interests you the most and allow yourself enough time to enjoy it without rushing. To help you with your planning, we will guide you through the creation of itineraries by theme and area. This page introduces sightseeing courses for enjoying the beautiful changes of seasons in Kyoto.


In spring, the beauty of the cherry blossoms and green nature stand out. This section introduces the soft colors of the seasons around us and courses for enjoying nature including hiking and sailing down a river.


Enjoy and Unwind in the Spring Evenings

After viewing cherry blossoms in the evening along the small s...

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Kyoto Waterside Course

Enjoy Kyoto Greenery on the Water! Now that Kyoto's spring gr...

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Hiking Course

Once the spring blossoms scatter, we are left to enjoy the vib...

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Summer is the season when the rain in Kyoto is most beautiful. This section introduces sightseeing courses for enjoying the beauty of hydrangeas, which is a typical flower in the rainy season, and the tranquil atmosphere of temples in summer.


The Sagano-Arashiyama area

Located in the west part of Kyoto, the Sagano and Arashiyama a...

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Temples for the Rainy Season

During the rainy season, the moss and stone pathways of the te...

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Rain Flowers: Hydrangeas of Love

From the time they are mere buds to the time their petals flut...

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Autumn is for enjoying the changing colors of the leaves. This section introduces courses to feel the history of Kyoto in temples, many of which are world heritage sites, and enjoy Kyo-Kaiseki cuisine. Nature, culture, history, and food can be enjoyed in these courses.


Discover Kyoto's New Autumn in Kimono!

On a relaxing day of autumn, put on a kimono and feel your spi...

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The Beauty of Japan's Autumn Foliage

This course combines the beauty of the Japanese arts and the s...

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Enjoy the Long Evenings of Autumn

At the temple related to military commander Toyotomi Hideyoshi...

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Winter is the quietest season in Kyoto. The scenery in Kyoto coated with silver snow is fantastic. This section introduces sightseeing courses appropriate for New Years such as viewing cultural assets and the journey of the Seven Deities of Good Luck.


Arashiyama in Winter Course

In December, as the last autumn leaves fall and the cold of wi...

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Cherry Blossom and Zazen (Seated Zen Mediation) Course

In the old days, it was said that the beautifully blooming the...

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Journey of the Seven Deities of Good Luck

On this trip, you will journey to the sites of the seven deiti...

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Tasting Kyoto's New Year

After praying for continued luck for the New Year at some of K...

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