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About Us

Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau
Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau is a private organization formed by tourism-related groups and industries in cooperation with Kyoto City, with the aim of encouraging foreign tourists to visit Kyoto. (52 members, as of August 30, 2007) We aim to do so by presenting booths at international travel industry trade fairs and tourism seminars held abroad, by participating in local tourism assemblies with travel agents, and promoting the city to media representatives.

To attract tourists from overseas to Kyoto.
To strengthen the systems that welcome tourists from overseas to Kyoto. This includes the deployment of marketing and campaigns.
To make Kyoto recognized as a "destination brand" and to build up Kyoto's hospitality industry.

(1)The marketing of Kyoto tourism:
Active participation in various fairs to promote tourism to Kyoto and other locations in Japan.
To enable Kyoto tourism to flourish year-round in order to contribute to the city's income.
To advertise in prominent overseas magazines.
To make video commercials for various media outlets and distribute travel brochures. In close collaboration with areas such as Hokkaido, Nara and Wakayama, we aim at promotion of our tourism industry.

(2)Improving and consolidating the welcoming system:
To produce and distribute to foreign tourists travel brochures and other PR materials.
To produce restaurant menus in multiple languages in the aim of making foreign tourists' trips to Kyoto more convenient, pleasant, and worry-free.
To introduce projects to enable tourists to make the most of the rich cultural resources featured in Kyoto.

(3)Coordination with Japanese Government and JNTO:
The principal advertising policy of Japanese Government is "YOKOSO JAPAN (Welcome to Japan). We are always making efforts to provide updated information about tourism in general based on this policy.

(4)Our overseas representative offices:
In August 2006, we opened overseas information centers in Beijing, China; Seoul, South Korea; and Melbourne, Australia. We added them to the USA. and Taiwan in 2007.
In 2008, we moved our China overseas information office from Beijing to Shanghai. In 2009, we opened an overseas information office in Paris, Europe, and moved our Australia overseas information office from Melbourne to Sydney. In 2012, we opened an overseas information office in London, UK and Frankfurt, Germany.