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Experiencias y Tours

Walking Tour

With a local Kyoto resident as your guide, explore the fascination of mysterious and historical side of Kyoto! You can have a glimpse of a Maiko's daily life as well as inside of a machiya townhouse.
This is a walking event for foreign tourists who are visiting Kyoto and foreign nationals who take up residency in Kyoto.


Sagano Bamboo Grove & Arashiyama Walking Tour with or without lunch

Walking tour through scenic Arashiyama and Sagano Bamboo Grove.

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Fushimi Inari Shrine and Sake Tasting Tour

Enjoy walking the street of Fushimi lined with sake breweries and tasting some sake. The tour also takes you to Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine famous for Senbon Torii.

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Kyoto Night Tour

Enjoy watching Japanese traditional performances, Maiko dancing etc, at Gion Corner. The tour walks to Gion district to experience its unique night atmosphere. Please do not miss this exclusive opportunity to experience tea ceremony under the candle night.

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Nishiki food market walk, Sake tasting and Rolled Sushi Cooking Tour

This is a package tour, in which you can (1) experience buying some ingredients for your cooking lesson at Kyoto’s famous food market (Nishiki), (2) visit former sake brewery and enjoy sampling sake, and (3) enjoy cooking lesson.

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Fushimi Inari Visit And Sake Tasting Tour

Enjoy the guided walk through the famous thousands of red torii gates in Inari Shrine with our knowledgeable attendant. Our attendant will introduce interesting facts about this shrine that you can’t learn from a guidebook. The second highlight of this tour is to explore the city of Fushimi, which is the heart of the Kyoto Sake industry.

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Private Gion Walk and Dinner with Maiko Tour

Enjoy the guided walk though mysterious district of Gion, an area associated with Maikos/Geisha in Kyoto. Our attendant will explain to you about the history of Maiko/Geisha and even willing to spill some secrets about them. After dinner teahouse, you will have an opportunity to spend some time with a Maiko.

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