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Kyoto’s Local Rules

Kyoto’s Local Rules

Learn about the rules of each area of Kyoto. It’s a good idea to find out the rules of your planned destinations before you go!

Gion Area

The Gion Area is one of Kyoto’s most popular destinations. It is well known as an area where you can encounter Maiko, but taking pictures of them without permission is one of Kyoto’s big “Don’ts.” Hanami-koji Street has cars passing through, so make sure to avoid walking in the center of the road.

Saga-Arashiyama Area

The Saga-Arashiyama Area’s Bamboo Grove is a popular and very photogenic spot. Let’s make sure that people don’t graffiti the bamboo grove. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation to preserve this area’s beautiful views long into the future!
Preserving Arashiyama Bamboo Grove  (Language: English)

Nishiki Market

Please avoid eating while walking through Nishiki Market. Eating food at the store at which it was purchased OR bringing it home is one of the cardinal rules of Nishiki Market.