• Kyoto has many bus routes, with a network extending throughout the city. In addition to use for sightseeing, they are used as everyday transportation by citizens.
• Fares are roughly uniform in the city center, but fares may vary for riding certain sections of routes.
Kansai One Pass or other IC cards can also be used, so it is convenient. 1-day passes, etc., are also sold, enabling one to save money on fares.
• In addition to public buses, there are also privately operated buses such as Keihan Bus and Kyoto Bus.
• Using the luggage delivery service lets tourists do their sightseeing unburdened. See the delivery service guide here


●In Kyoto, it is convenient to take a bus to areas where the trains do not run.
●There are various buses connecting the major sightseeing spots, including the No. 100 express bus connecting several sightseeing spots, the No. 200 bus that makes a circuit mainly on the major roads, and the Kyoto-Okazaki Loop.
●Buses have announcements and displays in English.
●The fare for adults is 230 JPY per ride. *The fare for children is 120 JPY See details here
Kansai One Pass or other IC cards can be used. There are sets for tourists which include 1-day passes for both subways and buses for 900 JPY (not usable on private railways), etc. See details here
●Available from roughly 6:00AM-10:00PM.
●In addition to Kyoto municipal buses, there are also privately operated buses such as Kyoto Bus and Keihan Bus. Be careful, as the types of buses and the locations of stops differ.

Kyoto City Bus

Bus shibus
Bus shibasu2

Kyoto Bus

Bus kyotobus
Bus kyotobasu

Keihan Bus

Bus keihan
Bus keihandaigojimae

●Board from the rear and take seats from the front. Pay when getting off. See details here
 * The No. 100 bus is scheduled to change to boarding in the front in March 16 2019.
●The No. 100 bus has space for large luggage.
●Drivers cannot make change, so prepare coins in advance.
●Note that work and school commuting times are crowded. (7-9AM, 6-7PM)
●There is priority seating. Yield these seats to seniors, people with disabilities, and people with infants, etc.
●If you use the luggage delivery service, your luggage will be taken to your hotel, letting you ride the bus unburdened. See details here

Useful lnfo

●See a guide to major stops and boarding areas here
●See access to major sightseeing spots (No. 100 bus) here