Kyoto City Travel


Municipal and tour buses are the most popular means of transportation among sightseers in Kyoto. They are cost efficient and the most convenient way to reach many popular attractions, particularly in Northwestern Kyoto.

Announcements in English and electronic signs displaying the name of stops in English make it easy to know when you've reached your stop. Enter through the rear door of the bus and take a numbered ticket indicating the bus stop where you boarded. Bus fares are paid at the front of the bus as you get off. If you are using an all-day pass or other card, place it in the machine reader near the door as you get on and off the bus. A more detailed explanation of how to use the buses (including photographs) is available here on a website created by Kyoto City.

The municipal bus office is located in front of Kyoto Station. You can pick up a copy of the "Bus Navi" guide there or at the Tourist Information Center. It contains detailed information about the bus lines. If you would like to purchase City Bus All-day Pass or a combination bus and subway day pass, the municipal bus office is one convenient place to do it. These passes can also be purchased from machines near the ticket vending machines at subway stations. Books of slightly discounted bus tickets called "Kai-su-ken" coupon ticket, can be purchased directly from bus drivers.