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[PR] Enjoy Tea in Kyoto with Kids!

You may have found yourself wondering, “What should families with kids do when they come to Kyoto?” Kyoto with Kids: Family Tours are organized by local Kyoto moms who have been raising their kids here and know the area well. Who better to ask about the perfect plan for a family trip to Kyoto?

There’s good news for matcha fans who are planning a trip to Kyoto, too! Just an hour by car from the historical center of Kyoto, dense with temples and shrines, you can reach an extensive tea field surrounded by nature. And it’s not just adults who can enjoy a visit to this tea field; families with children are welcome!

On this Family Picnic in a Tea Field, a Kyoto with Kids Family Tour Program, we’ll guide your family on a trip from the center of Kyoto City to Ujitawara in the south of Kyoto, an area full of tea fields and beautiful natural surroundings. So what happens on this tour?

Here amongst the greenery and the tea fields, both parents and children relax

 In the rural setting of this tea plantation, where wild tea plants also grow, both parents and children can take their ease. Participants who would like to do so can talk a walk in the surrounding mountain trails, and enjoy the natural scenery of the Japanese countryside.

Of course, from spring to autumn, participants on this tour program can also take part in tea harvesting and try their hands at whisking up their own delicious matcha to drink! The activities were a great success for one participant, who told Kyoto with Kids, “My kids were so excited to pick the tea leaves in the field!”

2. Both parents and children can let their curiosity run wild

Here amongst the greenery parents and kids can investigate and explore the nature around them. In the areas around the tea field, kids can explore and search for some bugs to catch⁠—a favorite amongst young Japanese children, too⁠!—and there are even some places along the walking paths where fossils can be found. “My kids found lots of things to fascinate them in the woods here in Japan that they can’t find back home,” one participant reported.

After a walk through nature or the tea fields, it’s time to make some tea; a great chance to learn more about this traditional drink.

Even participants with young children can join on the activities with peace of mind. While parents are learning how to properly prepare tea, a Kyoto with Kids staff member trained in safety education will look after your children, leading them in Japanese games and activities like origami. Even the little ones are sure to have a fantastic time!

3. Get to know the locals!

This program offers a day full of exciting activities for everyone, but it’s also a chance to meet some Japanese locals from the area. Past participants have mentioned that for them, “getting to know some of the local people was a really memorable and lovely experience.” English-speaking Kyoto with Kids staff will help tour participants communicate with locals. Because many of the staff are also local mothers, many participants will also find a lot to relate to and talk about with the staff when it comes to raising children in their respective countries. Sometimes Kyoto with Kids staff even bring their own children along on the tours so the kids can enjoy a little international exchange, too!

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Kyoto with Kids

Kyoto with Kids was created in 2019 by local moms who are currently raising kids in Kyoto. They hoped to make family travel to Kyoto easier and more enjoyable, and also contribute to making a more peaceful world, and a hopeful future for everyone via travel. You’ll be sure to make unforgettable family memories with Kyoto with Kids.