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[PR] Visit Kyoto with Kids

Kyoto is a city brimming with dazzling culture and history that can make for the trip of a lifetime. When you’re traveling with kids, though, they may not always be quite as excited about the same sights and activities that you are. Since you’ve traveled all this way, you want everyone to get the most out of their trip! Kyoto with Kids Club can help both parents and children to do just that.

About Kyoto with Kids Club

Kyoto with Kids Club looks after children while parents are out traveling in the city, and its kids programs include activities like traditional Japanese games and mini Japanese lessons. Staff at Kyoto with Kids Club include nannies, registered nursery school teachers, and those with education backgrounds in childhood education, so you can be sure that every child will be well taken care of and entertained. Local Kyoto children also sometimes join our programs, too, so your children will have a chance to make some local playmates while they’re here!

When you come to pick your children up again, they may be more adjusted to life in Japan than you!

A Half-Day with Kyoto with Kids Club

Here’s an idea of what a sample half-day program with Kyoto with Kids Club will look like: *All day and half-day programs are available.

9:30 a.m. Meet-Up

Kyoto with Kids Club bases its programs from a hotel near Karasuma-Oike in downtown Kyoto. Because of its central location, it’s easy to access both from hotels and sightseeing locations in the city.

9:40 a.m. Self-Introductions

Participants will introduce themselves to one another, and play some games.

10:00 a.m. Departure

After the participants have gotten to know each other a little bit, it’s off for a walk to a temple!

Children will have a scavenger hunt, ring the temple bell, and talk with a Buddhist priest at the temple.

Temples and shrines may all look the same to young children, and may even seem uninteresting, but the Kyoto with Kids Club programs are put together specifically for children, and transform what might usually be a bit of a bore for the young ones into a place for engaging activities.

Depending on the day, other activities include lessons from local teachers in ink wash painting, making craft lotus flowers, paper “uchiwa” fans, and more!

11:00 a.m. Snack Time

Every kid’s favorite time!

Of course, the program makes sure to include Japanese elements here, too! The type of Japanese snack served will depend on the day children join.

11:15 a.m. Japanese Games

Children with different cultural backgrounds may grow up playing different sorts of games, and Japanese children of course have their own typical games. Participating kids will get to take part in different sorts of play, including origami, which is well-known across the world, and some other games like kiri-e paper cutting and fuku-warai (a traditional New Years’ game in Japan, similar to “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”).

11:40 a.m. Mini Japanese Lesson

Children will learn how to write their names in Japanese, and learn some basic Japanese greetings. They’ll also learn some words that may come in handy to use during their vacation in Japan!

While Your Children Are Here

While your children are with Kyoto with Kids Club, parents are free to head out on their own adventures that may be less kid-friendly, whether that’s zen meditation at a silent temple, enjoying a traditional full-course kaiseki meal, or shopping. Bringing kids with you on a trip can keep you a little busier than usual, but Kyoto with Kids Club can help you make some of your own time.

What Participants Say

Just a few comments from parents who signed up for Kyoto with Kids Club include:

While my kids were on the program, I got to take my time enjoying a relaxing lunch with my partner.”

My kids got to play with other kids from other countries, and that ended up being a really nice part of our trip.”

I was able to really take my time looking around the museums and temples, so that was nice.”

My kids had a lot of fun playing Japanese games, and said they want to come back!”

Kids in the program also often tell teachers that they want to come back again, and come back to Kyoto.

When you’re visiting from abroad, you may have a lot of questions and worries about how easy it will be to visit Kyoto with your family, and what kind of things you’ll be able to do. The staff at Kyoto with Kids Club are carefully selected and trained, and all work hard to make sure families can enjoy their stay, and that all family members can return home with wonderful memories of Kyoto!

*Children ages 5 and up can participate in the program, but for children under 5, an extra fee will be charged for a sitter. Please inquire.

Behind Kyoto with Kids Club: Family Experience Japan

Kyoto with Kids Club is organized by Family Experience Japan, an organization that was formed in late 2018 by Kyoto mothers hoping to improve children’s futures through travel. *The organization’s legal title is TAOYAKA & Co

Kyoto with Kids Club was born in the summer of 2019 to make family travel to Kyoto easier and more enjoyable. To realize a vision of peace across the world and a hopeful future for everyone via travel, the founder of Family Experience Japan brought together a team of not just moms, but team members with diverse backgrounds in child education, nursery school teaching, and even students who are interested in international exchange.

Kyoto with Kids Club has plans for many new types of programs, including a Family Tour later this year, on which both kids and parents can tag along for some exciting Kyoto experiences together—stay tuned!