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[PR] When you stay in Kyoto, do more than just stay

You need to spend the night somewhere when you’re traveling, so you might as well stay somewhere incredible. The Junei Hotel offers a sumptuous stay, with attention paid to the minutest detail of its exquisite food and stylish rooms with their local Kyoto touches. The Junei also goes a step further to help guests discover and connect with new facets of Kyoto through experiences onsite and off.

About the Junei Hotel

The facilities at the Junei Hotel Kyoto Imperial Palace West are a wonderful example of the kind of traditional inn typical of a historical city like Kyoto. The building is a mix of modern and traditional styles, and shows an extraordinary attention to detail: from the moment you enter, you’ll be met with the soft play of light and shadows in the decor; gentle, ambient sounds of a brook and small birds, and even a faint, pleasantly natural fragrance. The Junei Hotel is committed to offering the whole experience.

A boutique hotel with just 8 rooms, each features a beautiful Japanese-style bath.

Great care has been taken with the room interiors, too, and thought put into the significance of the items within. From the cedarwood pillars sourced from Keihoku in Northern Kyoto, to the exquisite teapot on the table with its lace-like glaze, many parts of each guest room are in fact made in Kyoto, but, as Junei Hotel President Emi Tokunaga explains, “We don’t put these things in the room just to put together a bunch of ‘Kyoto things.’ We choose these items for our guest rooms because we’d like to share their craftsmanship. We’d like our guests to be able to feel the passion of the artisans who made these things.” The room itself is a part of the experience.

Beautiful meals are also served, along with premium tea delivered directly from the historical tea fields of Wazuka-cho, to the south of Kyoto Prefecture; as well as traditional sweets, and Kyoto-made sparkling saké from Arashiyama is also available.

Transforming your room and your travels with extraordinary experiences

The Junei Hotel wants to ensure that their guests not only enjoy an extraordinary stay, but that they enjoy their time in Kyoto in extraordinary ways. In this way, they go a bit beyond your typical hotel. You can even bring a little bit of Kyoto magic into your guest room.

The special programs on offer here include a chance to see dance performances and speak with some of Kyoto’s most well-known entertainers, maiko, or apprentice geisha, in your guest room. Because maiko typically work in Kyoto’s exclusive, historical entertainment districts, this is an extremely special opportunity.

The Junei Hotel also offers a variety of other unique experiences for all of the senses, from the touch of real silk in wearing a truly authentic kimono, the taste of matcha in a tea ceremony, and even expeditions outside of the hotel, to make traditional washi paper, take a private tour of Kiyomizu-dera Temple, cruise over Kyoto in a helicopter, or dine at a 3-star Michelin restaurant in Kyoto.

New wonders await in Higashiyama, too

In the spring of 2020, the Junei will be opening a second location in Kyoto’s Higashiyama district (home to locations such as Maruyama Park, Chion-in Temple, Yasaka-jinja Shrine, and Kodai-ji Temple). This hotel’s theme and sleek design has deep ties to the traditional Kyoto motifs of bamboo and the moon.

The bamboo plant with its soft, calming green, is a part of the traditional artistic motif of “sho chiku bai” (literally, “pine, bamboo, plum”). Because bamboo and pine stay green throughout the colder months, and plum trees are among the first to blossom in the year, together, the three winter plants have come to represent resilience and steadfastness. Individually, “pine” also represents male longevity, and “plum” female health. The “bamboo” in the middle represents the connections that bind people together.

Just like the bamboo, the Junei Hotel hopes to be a place that will strengthen the bond between guests when they come to stay here together. This new Higashiyama hotel features bamboo accents in its exterior, inside the building, and in guest rooms.

In guestrooms and the interior of the hotel, guests will find fabrics dyed with the beautiful and unusual yume kouro-zome technique, which causes fabric to change color as the light hits it, glowing in the sunlight much as the moon does.

Moon-viewing is a long-held tradition in Kyoto especially, and this hotel makes sure guests can have their own private view at its rooftop garden. But the moon here is not only beautiful, it’s also connected to the hotel’s theme of encouraging connectedness: The moon cannot shine with its own power alone, and needs the light of the sun. The Junei Hotel believes it is our connections with other people are just as important for us to shine.

With beautiful facilities and exceptional experiences steeped in Kyoto culture, the Junei Hotel is sure to make your stay unforgettable.