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Best Times to See Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto

One of Kyoto’s most spectacular events is one you can’t buy a ticket for. The magnificent springtime displays of cherry blossoms appear suddenly as the weather warms up, but they wait for nobody—depending on weather conditions, the blossoms can disappear almost as quickly as they appear. Make sure you’re prepared for your visit to Kyoto by checking the blooming times from the previous year.

*Weather conditions alter blooming times. Please be advised that the following information is meant as a general guideline, and that conditions this year may cause blooming times to differ.

Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots

See Kyoto’s famous cherry blossoms at their best! Cherry blossom season is almost upon us once again, and Kyoto is full of spectacular locations to see all the different varieties of sakura at their peak (Different species of cherry blossoms may bloom at slightly different times. Elevation may also affect blooming).
When the cherry blossoms do bloom, it’s a popular pastime amongst Japanese to head out for a picnic and a drink under the pale pink boughs. Grab a picnic blanket and come join!
The following is information from the 2018 cherry blossom season at sites around Kyoto. Use it as a guide when you head out this year!

Northern Kyoto

Blossoms at Sanzen-in Temple

Blossoms at Kyoto Botanical Garden

Blossoms on Nakaragi Street

  • Joshoko-ji Temple

    Early-Mid April
  • Mt. Hiei Driveway

    Mid-Late April
  • Okuhiei Driveway

    Late April - Early May
  • Ohara

  • Sanzen-in Temple

  • Yase

    Early April
  • Kurama-dera Temple

    Mid-Late April
  • Kamigamo-jinja Shrine

    Early-Mid April
  • Josho-ji Temple

  • Kyoto Botanical Garden

    Late March - Mid-April
  • Nakaragi Street

    Early April

Eastern Kyoto

Blossoms at the Philosopher's Walk

Blossoms at Okazaki Canal

Blossoms at Kodai-ji Temple

Central Kyoto

Blossoms at Hirano Shrine

Blossoms at Kyoto Gyoen National Garden

Blossoms at Nijo-jo Castle

  • Hirano Shrine

    Mid-Late March
  • Kanga-an Temple

    Early April
  • Kyoto Gyoen National Garden

    Late March - Early May
  • Nijo-jo Castle

    Late March - Late April
  • Shosei-en Garden

    Early April
  • Umekoji Park

    End of March - Mid-April

Western Kyoto

Blossoms at Haradani-en Garden

Blossoms at Daikaku-ji Temple

Blossoms at Yoshimine-dera Temple


Blossoms at Yamashina Canal

Blossoms at O-ishi Shrine

  • Bishamon-do Temple

    Early-Mid April
  • Yamashina Canal

    Early-Mid April
  • Kaju-ji Temple

    Early-Mid April
  • O-ishi Shrine

    Early April

Southern Kyoto

Nearby Cities

Blossoms at Izumo Daijingu Shrine

Blossoms at Iwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine

  • Byodo-in Temple

    Early-Mid April
  • Izumo Daijingu Shrine

    Early-Mid April
  • Iwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine

    Early-Mid April