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Sanzen-in Temple

Sanzen-in Temple is the main attraction in Ohara, a lovely village just north of Kyoto known for its pickled cucumbers and its proud maintenance of tradition. The temple is justly famous for its large garden where an old wooden sub-temple sits in what looks like a still sea of green moss, penetrated by a few tall cedars and carefully-placed rocks and shrubs. Elsewhere on the grounds are ponds stocked with colorful carp, stone statues of Jizo, the protector of children and souls in limbo, and a hillside filled with rocks, shrubs, and trees.

The garden is in its glory in autumn when large crowds gather to witness the fall colors. During any season however, Sanzen-in Temple is worth a visit, as much for its statuary as its scenery. The temple enshrines a famous statue of Amida Buddha with two kneeling attendants.

A visit to Sanzen-in Temple can easily be combined with a visit to nearby Jakko-in Temple, as well as to more recently-developed hot spring baths.

* Address: 540 Raigoin-cho Ohara Sakyo-ku

* Tel./Fax: 075-744-2531

* Entrance Fee: 700 yen

* Access: 10-minute walk from Kyoto Bus Stop Ohara

* Parking: Many parking areas available on the approach to the shrine.

* Hours: 8:30 - 17:00(December through February 16:30)

* Open all year


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