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The Beauty of Japan's Autumn Foliage

This course combines the beauty of the Japanese arts and the seasons into one incredible experience. From the many works of art that convey the past of the remaining temples, shrines, and Geisha districts that continue to thrive even in modern times, you can fully view and experience quintessential Japanese beauty.
(About 5 hours)


Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art

This museum regularly holds a variety of great exhibitions including many foreign works.



Shoren-in Temple

In the Tendai sect of Buddhism, Shoren-in Temple is one of only five Monzeki temples that have previously housed members of imperial family. The temple itself was originally a high priest's residence, but after Emperor Toba's son joined the sect, he formed a court and temple fit for royalty. The temple grounds contain gardens built by famous artists such as Soami during the Muromachi Period, and Kobori Enshu, who also designed gardens for Nijo-jo Castle. During a special autumn illumination time, searchlights associated with the principal image, Shijoko Nyorai known as "The Buddha of Light", are used to transform the surrounding foliage into floating clouds of color.


Gion Shirakawa River

Among the five Geiko (Geisha) districts in Kyoto, Gion is the most famous. Within the designated streets of this district, the appearance and air of the old red-light district remains along with the cobblestone roads. Maiko (apprentice Geisha) and Geiko welcome customers to the traditional teahouses lining the streets. If you are fortunate, you may even run into a real Geisha. Separated from the noise of the city, feel free to stroll leisurely through the old streets and soak up the atmosphere of traditional Kyoto.

Access: 5-min walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station on the Hankyu Railway


Tagoto Japanese Restaurant

Each of Tagoto's signature dishes includes a colorful arrangement of seasonal ingredients served in a style that evokes images of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Every element of the Kaiseki dishes is carefully prepared and individually seasoned.



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