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Sennyu-ji Temple Shinzenko-ji <Winter Travels in Kyoto Campaign>

Emperor Go-Saga Prayer

Sennyu-ji Temple’s Shinzenko-ji was founded at the request of Emperor Emperor Gosaga in 1243, as a means “to form a connection with the principal image of Buddha at Zenko-ji Temple, located in what is now Nagano Prefecture. Zenko-ji has made a standing image of Amida Nyorai its main image of the Buddha. This statue imitates the main image at Nagano’s Zenko-ji Temple. Shinzenko-ji also continues to pass down the old mementoes of the generations of Emperors that visited there. Built in the Edo period, the Ohojo (Abbot’s Chamber) has painted sliding doors depicting people of Tang dynasty China which was produced by Kano Chikanobu, a painter for the shogunate. Colorful scenes such as “Biwako” by Bai Juyi and the “Drum Tower” depicting Emperor Genshu and Yang Kweifei, remain to this day. In addition, Unkoku Toeki's “Shosho Hakkei-zu”, Emperor Kogaku’s relic “Karakuwa Otsukue,” and a beautiful piece of "Makie" craftsmanship, the Tansugata Tobacco Tray will also be specially on display.

<Winter Travels in Kyoto Campaign>
Kyoto is well known for its natural splendor, including cherry blossoms and picturesque autumn foliage, but in order to promote Kyoto's more profound charms, like its cultural properties, and traditional culture and industries during the winter season, we are holding the “Kyo no Fuyu no Tabi” Winter Travels in Kyoto Campaign. During this period, we hope to have visitors enjoy this side of the city and spend a relaxing time touring. This winter, spend a luxurious time in Kyoto.

*This event is a special openings of cultural heritages. (Not regularly open to the public)

Date & Time

January 10th, 2020 – March 18th , 2020
10:00 - 16:30 *Last Admission : 16:00
*Closed at noon January 12th , Closed on January 13th


Sennyu-ji Temple Shinzenko-ji


13 minute walk from Sennyuji bus stop, Bus #208・88(operates on weekends only)
18 minute walk from Tofukuji Station, JR Nara Line.


Adults and Children 13 and over: 600JPY / Children aged 6 – 12: 300JPY


Kyoto City Tourism Association (Tel: +81-75-213-1717)


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