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“Winter Travels in Kyoto Promotion” Special Opening at Chishaku-in Temple

Set against Kyoto’ s gentle eastern mountains, you will find Chishaku-in Temple, the headquarters for the Shingon Sect’s Chisan School of Buddhism. There are 3,000 branch temples around Japan which have become centers for the country’ s 300,000 followers. The Chisan School of Buddhism originally garnered many followers, not in Kyoto, but in Wakayama Prefecture. In the 16th century, Negoro-ji Temple in Wakayama, to which Chishaku-in was affiliated, had an extremely large following, housing some 6,000 monks. With such a following, it also had strong influence in the country, so Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the lord who governed Japan at that time, burned the entire temple to the ground. After Hideyoshi’ s death, the chief priest who had escaped to Kyoto, revived the school, opening a new religious center in what is today’ s Chishaku-in. In the Edo Period, from the 17th century, it became well known as an academic sanctuary and fulfilled the role of a modern-day university. Aside from scholar-priests, monks from other sects and common people visited the temple in order to study, and the temple became well known in the fields of astronomy, geography and Sanskrit. Even today, it is still known as a place for monks to train by means of study.

Date & Time

Thursday, January 10 ~ Thursday, February 28, 2019
9:00 ~ 16:00 (Last Admission)
*Part of the temple is not regularly open to the public.


Chishaku-in Temple
(Address: 964 Higashikawara-cho Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi)


From JR “Kyoto” Station: Take Kyoto City Bus No. 206, 208, 100 to “Higashiyama Shichijo” Bus Stop A 5-min. walk from bus stop

From Keihan Railway “Sanjo” Station: Take Keihan Railway to “Shichijo” Station 10-min. walk from station


Entry Fee: 【Adult】800 yen【Children】400 yen


For inquiries, please call +81-(0)75-213-1717
(Kyoto City Tourism Association, open 10:00– 18:00)


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