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“Winter Travels in Kyoto Promotion” Special Opening at Temporin-ji Temple

Temporin-ji Temple was founded in 1758, by a Buddhist priest who was called “Saint Kantsu.” “Kantsu” literally means “Passport”. He made it his mission to issue as many “passports” as possible, by spreading Buddhist teachings in order to save people from suffering and allowing them to enter the Pure Land of the Buddha. In pursuit of this mission, he traveled all over Japan, founding many temples and training thousands of monks along the way. It is said that the number of followers reached the tens of thousands, ranging from common people up to the Imperial Family. After accomplishing all this, Saint Kantsu spent his final days at Temporin-ji Temple. Temporin-ji is located between Ninna-ji and Ryoan-ji Temples, both of which are World Heritage sites. Temporin-ji, supported by its local followers, is usually closed to the public. Please take this opportunity to visit these quiet, serene precincts to feel the atmosphere of a Buddhist temple with deep roots in the community and history.

Date & Time

Thursday, January 10 ~ Monday, March 18, 2019
10:00 ~ 16:00 (Last Admission)
*The temple will be closed on January 20
*The temple will open at 11:00 on January 27
*The temple will open at 13:00 on February 24


Temporin-ji Temple
(Address: 2 Ryoan-ji Yamada-cho Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi)


From JR “Kyoto” Station: Take Kyoto City Bus No. 26 to “Omuroninaji” Bus Stop A 5-min. walk from bus stop

From Keihan Railway “Sanjo” Station: Take Kyoto City Bus No. 59 to “Tonoshita-cho” Bus Stop B 3-min. walk from bus stop

From Keifuku Railway “Arashiyama” Station: Take Keifuku Railway to “Omuro-Ninaji” Station 7-min. walk from station


Entry Fee: 【Adult】600 yen【Children】300 yen


For inquiries, please call +81-(0)75-213-1717
(Kyoto City Tourism Association, open 10:00– 18:00)


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