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Japanese Tea Tasting Course

Visit Uji to Taste the First Tea of the Season
Hop a quick train to Uji, a tea-producing region embodying the spirit of Japan, to taste the first tea leaves of the season from the end of April to the middle of May. Take a break from visiting world heritage sites and scores of ancient temples to sip fresh Uji tea. Japanese tea shops also offer sweets made with matcha, a special type of bitter tea used in the tea ceremony.
(About 4.5hours)


Byodo-in Temple

Printed on the back of the ten-yen coin, this temple is one of the most famous in Japan. Byodo-in Temple dates from the eleventh century and was founded as a villa for the Fujiwara clan, regents of the Imperial throne.
<20- minute walk>


Ujigami-jinja Shrine

Ujigami-jinja Shrine is a relic of the ancient past, the oldest extant shrine in Japan. On entering the shrine grounds you will see a basin, fed by a famous freshwater spring. This water is used in tea ceremonies and, being said to contain magical properties, is among the "seven best water sources in Uji."
<30- minute walk>


To-kichi Nakamura cafe

Established in 1859, this historic tea shop contains a cafe serving tea soba noodles and matcha sweets.

Shop date
Address:10-1, Uji Uji-City
Access: 1-min walk from JR Uji Station
Tel: 0774-22-7800
Budget:Around ¥1000
<Keihan Uji Station to Fushimi Momoyama Station, about 30 minutes>


Gokonomiya Shrine

The name of this shrine was derived from the pleasant smell of the water gushing forth throughout the grounds. It is famous for being one of the seven distinctive springs of Fushimi.

Address:174 Monzen-Cho Gokonomiya Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
Access: 5-min walk from Keihan Fushimi-Momoyama Station
Tel: 075-611-05590
<15- minute walk>



Here you'll find a chicken shop that runs a sake cellar and offers a rich variety of foods that go well with sake. Stored near the entrance to the parking lot is the "Shirakusui" water which is used for sake, and visitors are welcome to try both the water and sake. Feel free to give these refreshing drinks a taste when you have a few moments to spare.

Shop date
Address:186 Kamiaburakake-Cho Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
Access: 5-min walk from Keihan Fushimi-Momoyama Station
Tel: 075-622-5533
Budget:Around ¥3000


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