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Central Kyoto Course 3



Kyoto Nishiki Food Market

Shopkeepers at the Nishiki Food Market rise early to sell fish, meat, dried foods, side dishes, yuba (tofu skin), and Kyoto vegetables on the 400 meter path from Teramachi to Takakura. The market is sometimes known as the "Kitchen of Kyoto."


Shinkyogoku Shopping Street

This shopping district consisting of numerous gift shops and extends from Sanjo-dori Street to Shijo-dori Street.



You can catch sight of Maiko (apprentice Geisha) and Geiko (Geisha) in traditional kimono walking through the streets of Gion, one of the main downtown districts in Kyoto. This area extends from Sanjo and Gojo streets in the north and south to Higashiyama and Kawabata streets to the east and west.


Gion Corner

Gion Corner is a unique theater presenting one-hour shows of seven of Kyoto's professional performing arts - kyogen classical comedy, kyomai dance, gagaku music of the imperial court, koto harp, bunraku puppet theater, the tea ceremony, and flower arrangement. Gion Corner is located inside Yasaka Hall on the north side of Gion's Kaburenjo Hall, where Maiko (apprentice Geisha) and Geiko (Geisha) give presentations. Visitors can also experience a genuine tea ceremony and learn about tea ceremony etiquette in a casual atmosphere.
Since explanations of the performances are given in English, Gion Corner is popular among tourists from abroad.


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Arashiyama Course

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