Kyoto is full of cultural, artistic, and nature related events throughout the year. Please enjoy the various events and seasons of Kyoto.

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Visit Kyoto with Kids

Since you’ve traveled all this way, you want everyone to get the most out of their trip! Kyoto with Kids Club can help both parents and children to do just that.

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Experience Time Travel at Jidai Matsuri (Festival of Ages)

Every year in October, a unique portal to travel back in time opens in Kyoto. Known as Jidai Matsuri, or the Festival of Ages, this event is one of Kyoto’s biggest festivals.

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Head to Kyoto for an Artsy Early Autumn

This fall, Kyoto will be overflowing with exciting art exhibitions. With exhibitions of artworks that include designated National Treasures, and those with fascinating themes, you’ll have many opportunities to come into contact with Kyoto’s rich artistic traditions.

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The Bamboo Forest of Nishikyo-ku

Early summertime in Kyoto is when the locals like to stretch their legs, go on hikes, and enjoy a picnic on the outskirts of the city. Another way of getting close to nature as the weather becomes gradually warmer is "forest bathing" in the verdant bamboo groves of Nishikyo-ku.

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Hidden Kyoto

Whether it's your first time here or your hundredth, you'll find that Kyoto is full of little-known locales. I'm an American expat living in Kyoto. Come explore the city with me!

Experiencing a Stay in a Kyoto Ryokan at Motonago

Have you ever stayed in one of Kyoto's traditional inns? The whole ryokan experience can be a little bit daunting if it’s your first time. The staff at centrally-located Motonago, however, are experienced with making first-timers feel at home.

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Kyoto Dyeing Techniques Reinterpreted for Today at Pagong

The Kamedas once produced exquisite bolts of fabric for Kyoto’s kimono makers. Today, with their unique company Pagong, they have reworked their traditional kata-yuzen dyeing techniques to fashion aloha shirts and other modern styles.

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Rakusai: A Pilgrimage to the Green of Western Kyoto

The Rakusai area lies to the west of Kyoto’s downtown area, where I visited the mountainside overlooking the city center. Yoshimine-dera Temple is hidden here in the mist, a beautiful treat to visit in any season.

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