Japan Luxury Travel Alliance

December 04 , 2017

About the Japan Luxury Travel Alliance

The JLTA was formed in 2016 as an alliance of several Japanese localities, with high-quality tourist contents, wishing to strategically attract international luxury travelers. The members of the alliance are Kyoto, one of Japan’s leading historical and cultural places; the city of Sapporo, famed for its powder snow; Ishikawa Prefecture, where samurai culture remains even today; Wakayama Prefecture, home Mt. Koya and the Kumano road where visitors get in touch with Japan’s history and spiritual culture; and the ancient capital Nara City, which continues to preserve 1,300 years of history. With these fascinating destinations, JLTA’s member regions are collaborating to offer a consistent level of high-quality luxury travel experiences, and planning to expand to bring more luxury travelers to Japan. In addition, our alliance’s efforts will boost Japan’s brand as a destination for luxury travelers from around the world.

Japan Luxury Travel Alliance Booklet: PDF (2.06MB)