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Eiden (Eizan Electric Railway)

Eiden (Eizan Electric Railway)

The Eizan Railway has two lines in “Rakuhoku,” the northern part of Kyoto.
The starting point is Demachiyanagi Station near Kyoto Imperial Palace and Shimogamo-jinja Shrine.
From Demachiyanagi Station, trains on both lines head north to Takaragaike Station, where the lines split into two directions. One line goes eastward to Yase-Hieizanguchi Station, and the other line goes westward toward Kibuneguchi and Kurama Stations.


  • Eiden fares range from 220 JPY to 470 JPY for adults, and 110 JPY to 240 JPY for children.
    For details, check this fare table (Japanese)
  • IC cards that can be used nationwide can be used on Eiden.
> For information on the convenient“KANSAI ONE PASS,”click here.  


  • Please wait at the “Boarding Point” signage on the platform. Please wait for all passengers to get off the train before boarding.
  • Passengers with an IC card should scan it when boarding. Passengers without an IC card should get a “Proof of Boarding Ticket” at the station. Board the train from the rear of the car. For trains with two cars, board through the rear door of the front car. Insert your ticket or fare in the fare box located next to the conductor.
  • Passengers with commuter passes should show it to the conductor.
  • Please exit from front door of the front car of the train.
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