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Gion Festival


Gion Festival is one of Japan's three largest festivals which belong to Yasaka Shrine. Having extremely long history, and the festival lasts for about a month-long, and its gorgeousness and large scale size are all well recognized throughout Japan. Gion Festival has been developed with life of Kyoto people. Gion Festival is the most notable Japan's summer festival.
The origin of the festival began about 1,100 years ago. When bad plaque spread around the capital, people pray for getting rid of the illness by establishing 66 floats which is the same number of the provinces in Japan in those days.
The best highlight of the festival is the Yama Hoko Junko grand procession. From 2014, for the first time in almost half a century, the Preceding Festival (Saki Matsuri) procession on 17th, and Latter Festival (Ato Matsuri) procession on 24th have been held. 29 floats out of 33 are designated as the important intangible cultural properties. People compete to decorate the float with beautiful tapestry, carpet and fabrics. This magnificent scene is often called as a "moving museum."


July 1 - 31


Gion Festival viewing seat tickets
Gion Matsuri is one of Japan's three largest festivals. To view this Gion Festival, especially its gorgeous Yama and Hoko procession in a relaxed manner, the Gion Festival viewing seat tickets will be sold.
Ticket: \3,180 (reserved seating with a pamphlet) (TBA)
Venue: Oike Street
Tickets will be sold from early June at: Lawson convenient stores across the country; major/branch offices of JTB Corp. and Kinki Nippon Tourist, etc.)
Inquiries: Kyoto City Tourism Association: Tel: 075-213-1717

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