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Kyoto Tanabata Star Festival


Tanabata is a traditional Japanese festival which people make their wish on the stars once a year. Wishes are collected from all around Japan and Kyoto-style Tanabata Festival will be celebrated. The "Milky Way illumination" created with bamboo and lightings, and an exhibition of various art objects, Tanabata decorations at the shrines and temples, night-time special light up and so on will be held!


(as of last year) Horikawa Street (between Oike and Ichijo Modoribashi area) Kamo River (between Bukkoji Street and Oike Street) Other venues (Nijo Castle, Nishijin Textile Center, etc.)


Aug. 5 (Sat.) - 11 (Fri., national holiday)


Inquiry: Kyo-no-Tanabata Committee (Inside the Kyoto City MICE Promotion Division) Tel: 075-222-0389

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