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Les chefs-d’œuvre architecturaux, les galeries d’art et les musées sont tout simplement des destinations touristiques exceptionnelles de Kyoto. Cette section comprend des renseignements permettant d’apprécier les richesses artistiques de Kyoto et comprend des itinéraires touristiques recommandés, axés sur la visite des musées.

Loisirs & Sites touristiques

This section introduces traditional theater such as performances of Maiko and Noh dramas which originated in Kyoto. You can also learn about Kabuki, a traditional Japanese stage drama, and Nihon Buyo, a traditional form of Japanese dance. Please enjoy the beauty of Japanese theater in elegant indoor facilities.


Traditional Industries of Kyoto refers to industries planned and produced primarily within the district of Kyoto City which make products that are closely connected to traditional Japanese culture and lifestyles through the use of traditional techniques and methods.