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Daimonji Gozan Okuribi Ritual Fires


The Gozan Okuribi Ritual Fires is the representative event of Kyoto's religious obon period. It is believed that spirits of deceased people come back to this world at the beginning of the obon period and they must go back to the other world as obon finishes. The city will be surrounded solemn atmosphere and many visitors come to Kyoto to watch the event. First, the Dai character will loom out of Mount Nyoigatake in Higashiyama area. Then Myo on Mount Nishiyama of Matsugasaki and Ho on Mount Higashiayama. Funa-gata character on Mount Funayama at Nishigamo area, and Hidari Daimonji character on Mount Okita in Kinugasa. Finally, Torii-gata character on Mount Mandara in Saga area.


Various sites in the city


Aug. 16 (Wed.) Fire set at 20:00


Inquiry: Kyoto Tourist Information Center (2F JR Kyoto Station) Tel: 075-343-0548


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Lighting Time of each mountain
Daimonji (Nyoi-gatake in Higashiyama): 20:00
Myo & Ho (Nishiyama & Higashiyama in Matsugasaki): 20:05
Funa-gata (Nishigamo): 20:10
Hidari Daimonji (Okita-yama in Kinugasa): 20:15
Torii-gata: (Mandaa-yama in Saga) 20:20
*The fire will last for about 30 min. on each mountain.
*Lighting time is subject to change due to weather condition.