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In bus stops, subway stations, 'Seven Eleven' convenience stores and public facilities, there are many wireless LAN spots in which everyone can use the Internet free of charge.

How to use it

STEP 1 Select SSID

Select SSID (wireless network): KYOTO Wi-Fi on your Wi-Fi setting screen.
Next, launch an Internet browser on your smartphone or PC.


On the terms of service screen, select your preferred login method, either "Log-in with SNS account authentication" or "Log-in with email address authentication".


I When SNS account authentication is selected
(1) Enter your SNS account (ID, password).
(2) After authentication is completed, "KYOTO Wi-Fi" is available.

II When email address authentication is selected
(1) Enter your email address to temporarily register.
(2) An email with a URL link for main registration is sent to the registered email address. Click the link to complete main registration.
(3) "KYOTO Wi-Fi" is available.
* There is no communication cost because the Internet connection required for authentication uses the "KYOTO Wi-Fi" connection environment. However, after temporary registration (procedure (1)), if the main registration (3) is not completed within 5 minutes, the Internet will be cut off.
Once main registration is complete, "KYOTO Wi-Fi" is available for a month simply by sending your email address (procedure (1)) without needing to follow procedure (2).