Mobile Apps

Arukumachi KYOTO App

「Arukumachi KYOTO Route Planner」is an easy-to-use free search application offering information on available routes, timetables and fares for city buses and rail services in Kyoto City, simply by entering point of departure and destination.

Route Search

Search information on Kyoto City rail and bus routes, travel times and fares.
You can easily find the station name you searched once because it is stored in the history.
You can search by specified the nearest station with the GPS.
You can view in detail to walk route.
You can view station map.


You can view the station timetable of around Kyoto city.

Service Information

You can view service information of Kyoto City Bus on Map.


You can find the recommended information for facilities of Kyoto.

VoiceTra 4U

VoiceTra 4U helps multiple users (up to 5) to communicate in different languages, in real time either face to face or remotely.
The application contributes to overcome the barriers of languages as well as communication modalities. For instance; it helps users to communicate with the visually-impaired via spoken word, or with the hearing-impaired via text input.
This application mainly targets the field of travel-related conversations at airports, hotels, shops, and restaurants. The application covers a total of 27 Asian and World languages ( 30 languages when dialects are included ).
The speech data collected by using this application will be utilized for improving the speech translation technology being developed at U-STAR.

Data rate occurs when I use a smartphone in Kyoto. When you take a walk through Kyoto before you travel by downloading either application, it does not cost by using much Wi-Fi hotspots.